Rapper Future, real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, was born in Atlanta and rose to stardom in 2010 and 2011 as a result of the release of several popular mixtapes.

Due to his popularity, Future was offered a recording contract by Epic Records, under which he issued his debut album, Pluto.

He launched his second album, Honest, a year later to great acclaim.

Future has put out a ton of albums and mixtapes since 2014, all of which have done well on the charts.

One of the rappers credited with popularizing mumble rap is Future, whose 2011 song Tony Montana is frequently regarded as the genre’s debut track.

The baby mothers and kids of the Future will be the subject of this article. He currently has nine biological children and one son who was “adopted.”

Jessica Smith, the mother of Future’s oldest child, prefers to avoid the spotlight

Jakobi was born to Future and Jessica Smith in 2002. Jessica filed a child support lawsuit against Future, and the judge approved the order following a successful paternity test.

Jessica has chosen to stay out of the spotlight ever since. She prefers to live a tranquil life hidden from the spotlight.

Future appears to be friendly with his ex-India J, judging by his 2020 Mother’s Day message 

Another Future mother who values privacy is India J. Together, they raise Londyn, their daughter.

As Future wrote on Mother’s Day 2020: “Happy Mother’s Day India…,” it appears that they get along well. a wonderful mother who always prioritizes her children.

You keep me grounded, and I will always be grateful to you. I’m grateful.

Jaiden Wilburn is the ‘adopted’ son of Future and India, according to reports.

Future and India first met when Jaiden was a little toddler, and the rapper is said to have treated him as his own child. Though Future has not formally adopted the child.

Brittni Mealy, the rapper Future’s baby mother, disclaimed any intention of ever getting back together

Prince, the son of Future, is raised by Mealy. The two have figured out a way to raise their son without resorting to legal proceedings.

There were reports that Future and Mealy had reconciled in November 2018.

The model promptly responded to the rumors, saying there was no hope of a reconciliation with Future. In her stories, she published the following:

“Let me be absolutely clear.” I have never been and will never be with him. Even though I knew he didn’t deserve it, I always did my best to love unconditionally and to be the loveliest girl I could be.

Mealy accused Future of mistreating her in August 2021 after she declined to engage in a sexual relationship with him.

Mealy stated, “Petty because someone only wants to co-parent and doesn’t want to engage in sexual activity with you.

Mealy posted screenshots of what she claimed to be a text message between Prince and Future, in which Future called Brittni a “hoe” and instructed Prince to get Mealy to get him new clothes for school.

He (Future) texts this to a young person. You are a true coward, Mealy scolded.

Mealy claimed that she had made an effort to be kind, but Future had coerced her. She stated, “I DO NOT PLAY ABOUT MY KIDS! “I always go and speak up for myself because I’m a mother first.”

Future’s mother was the target of Brittni’s rage because she was said to have raised the narcissist. Mealy warned her not to meddle in her affairs.

You contribute to the issue, Mealy wrote. “This man is a descendant of your family. “Apples don’t fall very far from the tree.”

When my children become 40, I’ll still be in the industry, Brittni said. In response, Future urged his Twitter fans to “pray for her.”

The target of Future’s supplicant appeal was not quite clear, but based on the timing of the tweet, we believe it to be Brittni.

Future and Brittni Mealy
Biography Zoom: Future and Brittni Mealy (Source: Google)

After Future and Ciara’s kid Future Zahir was born, they had a terrible breakup

When they discovered musical and romantic chemistry in the studio, Future and Ciara’s romance began.

Many people believed their public relationship would persist for a long time. In an April 2013 episode of the Qdeezy Show, Ciara said, “He is truly a gentleman and I don’t want to say too much, and then he’s like, ‘Babe you’re talking a whole lot,’ but he really is just an incredible man.

Future informed Angie Martinez in August 2013 that he was prepared to get married to Ciara.

Future proposed to Ciara a few months after making good on his promise to Angie. The couple had originally intended to get married in November, but Ciara’s pregnancy with Future made that impossible.

They had Future Jr. in May 2014, but things started to go south between the pair shortly after.

Rumors about Future’s adultery persisted, and they appeared to sever his relationship with Ciara. However, she removed her tattoo of Future’s initials in December 2014, despite their attempts to mend their relationship.

In a Red Table Talk episode from June 2019, Ciara said she was most worried for her son.

She remarked, “I grew up with my parents, the belief that it was ‘Mommy and Daddy that made a baby. Then all of a sudden, you’re going about your daily business in public.

After Ciara wed NFL player Russell Wilson, Future Jr. did have a father to help raise him.

Future and Ciara were unable to get along, though. Ciara filed a $15 million defamation lawsuit against Future.

The action was dismissed by the judge, but the parents’ conflict persisted. According to rumors, Future and Ciara have not yet found a solution to their problems.

The relationship between Future and his ex-girlfriend Joie Chavis is cordial, and they periodically encourage one another on social media

After it was revealed that Joie was carrying Future’s child, some fans anticipated a legal struggle.

The anticipated court action, however, never materialized because he did not contest the child. Even Hendrix’s baby shower was attended to him.

Future and Joie have a co-parenting arrangement, which they both appear to follow.

Chavis owns the fitness business Joie In Life, and he occasionally congratulates her on her success in business.

Future mentioned Joie’s company in a photo of himself wearing one of her shirts on Instagram before the end of July 2020.

Future and Joie Chavis
Biography Zoom: Future and Joie Chavis (Source: Google)

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Despite originally disputing paternity, a Florida judge ordered Future to pay child support for his daughter Reign

Eliza filed a paternity, custody, and child support lawsuit against Future in 2019. Future, though, denied paternity of their daughter Reign.

The situation was clarified by Wendy Williams’ revelation that Future pushed Eliza to terminate the kid but she refused.

Wendy added, “Eliza said he wanted her to get an abortion, and when he allegedly refused, she allegedly put a price on her life.

Future’s paternity was established by a DNA test for Eliza’s child. His admission of a $30K annual salary during the trial prompted the judge to order $3,200 in child support every month.

The amount is far less than the $53,000 Eliza requested, but his attorney is optimistic that she will obtain more if they can show that she earns more than he claimed.

According to Eliza’s attorney Brandon Rotbart, “we are extremely hoping that once we obtain all the evidence from him, his banking information, and his credit card information, the ultimate child support number will be much higher.”

Future is the father of two unnamed women’s children, Kash and Paris

According to Future’s 2017 Mother’s Day tributes, he has two children, Kash and Paris, with unnamed women.

“The real mother of my kid Kash. made of a different material! Baby K, happy Mother’s Day,” he wrote.

“Paris, your mother merits it! Added Future in a different tweet. “Mami, happy Mother’s Day.”

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