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Doubling Due to their failure to repay student loans, Down with the Derricos actors, Karen and Deon are being sued for $15,000.

The Sun reports that on July 27, 2021, Student Loan Solution, LLC sued Deon and Karen Derrico for $15,000. The matter is still pending and not resolved.

This information was released following the foreclosure of the couple’s home. The property wasn’t sold at the auction on September 1, according to The Sun, so the bank had to take it back.

The mansion was purchased by the Bank US National Trust Association for $441,842.06, which was the outstanding debt on the property as of September 10, 2021.

Deon, 51, purchased the foreclosed home he is living in now in 2015. The reality star owns other properties as well, though.

Deon spent $277,247 on a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in 2018. A four-bedroom, four-bathroom house in North Las Vegas was purchased by him in 2019 for $107,709, according to Clark County property records.

Deon had submitted a request for assistance with foreclosure mediation.

Through a mediation process and agreements between the lender and owner, this procedure aims to offer a “last-resort option for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and loss of his/her home.”

The two parties’ mediator was unable to find a middle ground. The negotiations were called off because they couldn’t come to terms on a loan agreement.

Deon brought a claim against the US Bank National Association in February 2021. The foreclosure sale for the home was scheduled for March 12 or thereabouts, but he considered that to be an “improper” date.

The court rejected the temporary restraining order that the father of 14 children had also requested to prevent the foreclosure of the sale.

The 3,084 square foot home was, according to Deon, his family’s main dwelling. It has a lot size of.16 acres.

Karen Derrico Deon Derrico
Biography Zoom: Karen Derrico Deon Derrico (Source: Google)

The family has already declared bankruptcy nearly five times.

Deon declared bankruptcy in April 2015 due to debts totaling $600,009.53. Karen filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in March 2016 and owed creditors $1,009,691.33.

Social media claims that Deon, Karen, and their 14 kids are still residing in the same home that was the subject of their television show before the auction.

In a recent TLC broadcast, Karen disclosed that she was soon to give birth to kid number 15.

Karen Derrico Deon Derrico
Biography Zoom: Karen Derrico Deon Derrico (Source: Google)

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