A couple from Teen Mom 2 Jo and Vee Rivera Spend $650,000 on Dream Residence in Delaware!

Jo and Vee Rivera

The four bedroom, four bathroom, 3911 square foot house has a magnificent pool and a basketball court.

The residence features a sizable kitchen, a living room with a brick fireplace, a fitness area, and a game room with a pool table.

The large kitchen has two sliding doors that open to a lovely patio area. On the second floor, there are three smaller bedrooms and a sizable master bedroom.

The house boasts a basketball court, a two-car garage, a second buildable lot, and a sizable backyard. There is an outdoor fireplace next to the in-ground pool.

On an episode of the podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama,” which Vee co-hosts with Kailyn Lowry, Jo and Vee discussed their new house.

Isaac, Kailyn’s oldest child, is Jo’s. He was invited to appear on their podcast so that he could brag about the couple’s enormous new home.

Jo stated that their first intention was to purchase land on which to erect their ideal residence, but they later came to the conclusion that the procedure “wasn’t for them.”

He discovered the listing on Facebook and bought the home, abandoning their plan to start from scratch.

Vee Rivera with family
Biography Zoom: Vee Rivera with family (Source: Instagram)

As part of his real estate interests, Jo now owns 12 houses.

In November 2021, The Sun reported that the MTV dad’s real estate was valued at $1,020,250.

A 2480 square foot, four bedroom, three bathroom house was bought by Jo and Vee for $186k in 2015.

Vee kept their followers up to date on their progress by posting pictures of the renovation on social media.

Jo, who established Rivera Property Group LLC in 2017, invested $65k in one property in May 2017 that he leases out for $1350 per month.

Joe spent $100,000 on a three-bedroom, two-bath house in July 2017. The rent for that house is also $1350. Jo bought a second home for $127,900 in August of that same year, which he leases out for $1400 per month.

Jo spent $53k in May 2019 on a home that hasn’t been rented out or sold. Additionally, he bought two other homes, one of which he leases out for $1350 per month.

Jo spent $94k for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in August 2020, and he spent $35k on a second three-bedroom, two-bathroom property in June 2021.

In August, he spent $103,350 on another house, and in September, he spent $85k for an acre of land.

Vee can work with her spouse because she has a real estate license.

Jo discussed the couple’s working relationship when she spoke on a podcast in the past. He declared, “I’m not a real estate agent.

If I had a real estate license in the state of Delaware, I would really be unable to do some of the things I already do.

There are laws that prevent you from signing contracts or buying property in specific ways.

“In order for us to function as two different components and collaborate, we had Vee obtain a real estate license. Keep some cash inside the home!

It was wild, he continued, “I was looking at 30, 40, 50 houses a month and making 10 bids a week.” For two to three months, I did that. In the end, three of our offers were swiftly accepted.

“I had set a target of having purchased 55 units in the following three years, which I have now almost done.”

Jo and Vee Rivera
Biography Zoom: Jo and Vee Rivera (Source: Instagram)

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