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A Look At The Relationship Between Bob the Drag Queen And Ezra Michel

Bob the Drag Queen

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race champion Bob the Drag Queen is up about his romantic past. The drag queen previously acknowledged having a polyamorous relationship with two men, musicians Ezra Michel and video editor Jacob Ritts.

He released a 31-minute YouTube video titled “My Two Lovers” on November 13, 2020, in which he discussed his polyamorous relationship as well as his boyfriends, jealousy, and courtship.

In the video, Bob referred to his connection as being unique from that of fellow Drag Race competitor Derrick Berry by saying, “We’re not a couple.” They are all involved in this relationship where they are all together.

Ritts and Michel, who Bob claimed to be his lovers, weren’t dating.

Ezra Michel is a musician and the lover of Bob the Drag Queen

Michel is a musician who prefers pronouns similar to “he,” “he,” and “his.” He released his most recent single, Lady Child, which was directed by Bob, in June 2021. With the video, the latter makes his directing debut. Additionally, trans celebrities Gottmik and Laith Ashley sang the story of an AFAB youngster coming to terms with their nonbinary identity and winning parental approval through the song.

“I think I was just daydreaming about, okay, if I were a parent and I wasn’t educated about transness, but I loved my child very much, they were struggling, they were going through it, and they didn’t have the language to explain to me what was happening with them — then I would be under pressure, they would be scared, and I would just want them to survive,” the author says.

The song “Double Double (High Surgical Procedure Track)” by Michel is among the others. likewise “Man of My Goals”

Bob the Drag Queen and Ezra Michel connected on Instagram.

Bob the Drag Queen
Biography Zoom: Bob the Drag Queen (Source: Google)

The rapper had previously told INTO that he and Bob have been seeing each other for two years. Likewise, Bob called Michel after seeing his “slutty film” in August 2021, according to Michel in an interview with Out Entrance. We got together because I posted a pornographic video of me leaping onto a couch wearing a jockstrap on Instagram, he claimed.

I quote: “‘That is my new focus,’ he said. I then told her that she could have it. What’s left is the historical past. The rest is history since he then invited me to stay in his hotel room.

While mentioning that Bob was wooing both Ritts and him throughout the interview, Michel also stated that he was not seeing Ritts and was not in a committed relationship. According to the couple’s social media posts, their romance is still strong. For instance, the singer-songwriter shared a series of the couple’s selfies and single portrait photos on November 13 in an Instagram post. They shared a private moment as Bob laid his head on Michel’s shoulder in the final image of the presentation.

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