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Our company name is Social Star Pvt. Ltd. Social Pulsar is a San Francisco-based digital marketing agency with overseas locations in India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We have more than a team of 70 People providing SEO, social media marketing, digital strategy, and other marketing services to its 45 clients worldwide since 2015.

Social Pulsar focuses on establishing marketing tactics that work for the client, with innovation at the forefront of their creative ideas. They have given online solutions to various sectors with a diverse staff of talented employees.

All about our Website:

Biography zoom is a website for celebrity biography. It is for everyone who wants to stay updated about their idols and stars. We are aware of your favorite celebrities that are your topmost priority and whom you look up to.

The main purpose of Biography Zoom is to share quality content and updated information about your favorite celebrities. We would like to share happiness with our readers as a celebrity entertainment website.

Why Biography Zoom?

Biography Zoom is all about Biography, News, Celebrity Health, Celebrity kids , Gossip, and more. We entertain everyone who seeks to have knowledge and information about their favorite celebrities in their past-future and personal-professional life. We focus on quality and updated content.

We have workers who are solely focused on updating the information about your favorite celebrities 24/7.

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