According to police reports, Luis Ruelas’ ex-wife accuses him of domestic violence!

Luis Ruelas' ex-wife

The lengthy divorce between Luis and his ex-wife, Marisa DiMartino, reportedly involved domestic violence on multiple occasions.

In accordance with police data Heavy received from the Orangeburg Police Department, Marisa reported Luis to the authorities every year from 2010 until 2016.

Luis and Marisa were cohabiting in Blauvelt, New York, prior to the divorce.

When they recently parted ways in 2010, the first incident took place. In December, Marisa reported that Luis had visited their New York residence and started yelling at her.

When the police arrived, Ruelas had already left the residence, and they came to the conclusion that no crime had been committed at the time.

When DiMartino claimed that Luis had started a fight with her when he dropped off their kids in October 2012, she once more phoned the police.

The report said that Ruelas “pushed” DiMartino “against a metal support post in the garage” after the argument “got heated.”

The son of the couple was present when this happened. Marisa turned down medical attention at the time and refrained from accusing Luis. Marisa, who was 38 at the time, had the option of accusing him of harassing her.

In June 2016, when Luis went there to pick up their son for visitation, there was another incident. Ruelas, according to his ex-wife, had come over to chat with her but she declined and would not open the door for him.

Luis Ruelas' ex-wife
Biography Zoom: Luis Ruelas’ ex-wife (Source: Instagram)

Luis started shouting and pounding on the door, according to Marisa at the time, until she opened it

Her custody can be exchanged from the police department, the authorities reportedly told her. Marisa was also told that she might ask the family courts for a protective order.

The next month, DiMartino reported Ruelas to the police, alleging that she had violated their custody arrangement by picking up their kid from school without notifying her.

One of the boxes that Luis’ ex-wife completed in that report was if Ruelas had ever “threatened to harm you or your children.”

Additionally, she marked the boxes next to “has the physical violence escalated in frequency or severity over the past six months?” and “is the suspect aggressively and continuously jealous of you?”

When he went to pick up his son in June 2016, Luis personally contacted the police to report seeing DiMartino’s boyfriend’s car in the parking lot.

Despite prior claims of domestic violence, Luis and Marisa now get along well as co-parents.

Marisa expressed her happiness for Teresa and Luis in 2021, telling In Touch Weekly, “I’m genuinely pleased for them.

Luis Ruelas' ex-wife
Biography Zoom: Luis Ruelas’ ex-wife (Source: Instagram)

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