Chris Jansing

Chris Jansing is presently well known for serving as Senior White House Correspondent for NBC News and for serving alongside Brian Williams as a breaking news anchor and political correspondent for the network’s cable outlet, MSNBC.

She is also well known for keeping her personal life a closely guarded secret. We learned just a few years ago that Chris Jansing, 59, had been married since 1982. Then rumors of her divorce started to spread. Is she currently leading a single life? Let’s investigate.

A divorced Chris Jansing

The MSNBC host’s divorce from her husband of more than three decades must have been quite difficult.

But she has never divulged to her followers the specifics of her problems and private life. She has been entirely preoccupied with her career.

The owner of an analytical chemistry lab and the spouse of Chris Jansing is a scientist. Robert Jansing is the name of her ex-husband. The pair previously shared a home in Albany, New York. After dating for a few years, they were married.

Despite getting married in 1982, Chris started exclusively using her husband’s last name in 1998.

Chris adopted her husband’s last name because she thought it was simpler to pronounce than her maiden name, “Kapostasy,” which was her maiden surname. She was born Chris Ann Kapostasy and is of Slovak and Hungarian ancestry.

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Right now, Chris is suspected to be single

Chris Jansing
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Chris Jansing, 59, just divorced her long-term spouse. She doesn’t, however, give the impression that she wants a boyfriend just to have one.

When she is not in front of her regular camera, she is, as usual, quite private and secretive about her relationship.

Additionally, we regard her privacy. Chris’s admiring fans and followers are anxiously awaiting her disclosure of her extramarital activities.

And we are certainly happy that she has kept up her journalism despite her difficulties.

Chris Jansing Biography

American journalist Chris Jansing was born Christine Ann Kapostasy. She presently works as the senior national correspondent and breaking news anchor for MSNBC, NBC News cable network.

She had previously worked for the network as its chief White House correspondent. She has also previously served as anchor of the MSNBC program “Jansing and Company.”

Regarding Jansing’s accolades and achievements, she won an Emmy for her coverage of the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing in 1996.

Additionally, the journalist was previously given the “Best Person” award by the New York State Broadcasters Association for a report on famine in the state.

She was admitted to the New York State Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in July 2016. Specifically, Jansing is a divorcee.

But even after they split up, she still uses her ex-last husband’s name. The gorgeous and endearing writer enjoys making pastries in her own time.

In addition, she enjoys spending her leisure time updating her social media accounts.


As an Ohio local cable station intern, Chris Jansing got her start in journalism. She was then employed by New York’s WIPS radio station.

She spent some time working there before moving on to work as a general assignment reporter for the New York-based WNYT television station.

Jansing worked at WNYT for a considerable 17 years, rising to the position of weekend anchor and then weekly co-anchor.

She covered the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta during the Olympic Games while working for the network.

She was employed by NBC News in 1998. Since that time, the American journalist has filled in as the anchor of “The Today Show” on MSNBC. Additionally, she has served as the Sunday anchor for “NBC Nightly News.”

Jansing relocated to Los Angeles in 2008 and spent nearly two years there working as a field reporter before coming back as an anchor in 2010.

Then, in 2014, she was promoted to senior White House correspondent for the network. She co-anchored the daily morning news program “Jansing and Company” before taking on this role. The American journalist joined MSNBC as a senior national correspondent on June 1, 2017.

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