Ahn Hee Yeon: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Height, Net Worth

Ahn Hee Yeon

Who is Ahn Hee Yeon?- Biography

Ahn Hee Yeon is a young and gifted South Korean vocalist and actress. Ahn Hee Yeonis a member of a well-known female group called EXID.

Ahn Hee Yeon: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Ahn Hee Yeon, who turned 30 in 2022, was born on May 1st, 1992. In her line of work, she is well-known as Hani. Aside from that, Hani is a Taurus and hails from Seoul, South Korea. Speaking of her family, she has an actor sibling by the name of Ahn Tae Hwan.

Her sibling most recently increased his notoriety by co-starring with Kim Bum in the movie Ghost Doctor as a doctor. Other than this, she has kept her family members’ names a secret. She also participated in triathlons from primary school through middle school. This disposition enjoyed swimming a lot, too.

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Quick Facts of Ahn Hee Yeon

Full Name: Ahn Hee Yeon
Gender: Female
Born Date: May 1, 1992
Age: 30 Years
Sibling: One (brother Ahn Tae Hwan)
Net Worth: $1 million to $5 million
Relationship Status: In Relationship
Nationality: South Korean
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 66
Weight: 55

Ahn Hee Yeon: Profession, Career

Ahn Hee Yeon is a well-known vocalist and actress. This person is well-known for her singing because she was a part of the well-liked South Korean female group EXID and its subgroup SoljiHani. She has also made appearances on television as a cast member of Off to School, Crime Scene, and A Style for You as well as the presenter of Weekly Idol.

She was initially scheduled to make her debut as a member of a girl group under JYP Entertainment before joining EXID. This was scheduled to take place in conjunction with performances by Hyolyn from Sistar, Song Ji Eun from Secret, and Uji from Bestie. After a year, JYP however cut Hee off from this demeanor.

After this incident, she spent a year studying overseas in China. She then made her formal singing debut with the group EXID on February 15, 2012. Then, with the publication of their debut single Goodbye in February 2013, this personality and another EXID member, Heo Sol Ji, created the duo Dasoni.

She was chosen for Always Cantare’s primary cast in 2014. Then, in 2015, this character made an appearance in the Fire music video by Mad Clown. She also joined the major casts of Off to School and Crime Scene that same year.

Additionally, this individual was selected to host the upcoming KBS beauty program A Style For You alongside Kim Heechul, Goo Ha Ra, and Yoon Bora. She then made a cameo appearance in The Producers and featured on Soulmates Return in the spring of that same year.

She and Ken of VIXX released their duet single Gap on June 24, 2015. The artist then joined the Law of the Jungle ensemble in September. She also started co-hosting Three Famous Emperors in 2016. This performer additionally made an appearance as “Little Match Girl” on King of Mask Vocalist in February of the same year.

The performer’s rich, husky voice astounded the panel of judges and the crowd. The singer eventually defeated Jo Hang Jo and Kim Feel, but she was ultimately defeated by the Mask King of the moment, Ha Hyun Woo of Guckkasten.

Additionally, on January 19, 2017, Luna from f(x), Hee Yeon from Mamamoo, and Solar from Solar released a joint dance single. The aforementioned song, Honey Bee, was formally debuted on the YouTube channel of Mystic Entertainment.

Then, in May 2019, Banana Culture revealed that this performer and Jeonghwa’s contracts would not be extended. EXID would take a break after completing its tour in Japan, the company added.

Following that, as disclosed in October 2019, this persona joined Sublime Artist Agency. She made her film debut under her actual name, Ahn Hee Yeon, despite becoming well-known as Hani during her singing career.

On January 21, 2020, it was revealed that this persona would appear in the online drama XX. She would also appear in How to Be Thirty with Jung In Sun, Kang Min Hyuk, Song Jae Rim, Cha Min Ji, and Baek Sung Chul, it was announced on August 11, 2020.

She was also scheduled to perform in “Idol: The Coup” on July 20, 2021. The actress tested positive for COVID-19, so the project was put on hold. She collaborated closely with Ahn Sol Bin, Han So Eun, Chu So Jung, Kim Ji Won, Kwak Si Yang, and Kim Min Kyu on this TV serial.

She additionally made a cameo in the well-liked 2022 thriller Ghost Doctor. She collaborated closely on this endeavor with Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, Son Na Eun, Tae In Ho, etc. She also served as the presenter of the web series “Mary Queer” in 2022.

Relationship Status of Ahn Hee Yeon?

Ahn Hee Yeon and Yang Jae Woong are a couple, as her agency declared on June 29, 2022. The two have been in a romantic partnership for two years, and he is a psychiatrist. She previously engaged Junsu, a singer for JYJ, in 2016.

What is Ahn Hee Yeon’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Going on, her estimated US net worth in 2022 is between $1 million and $5 million.

Ahn Hee Yeon: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

At 168 centimeters, or 5 feet 6 inches, Ahn Hee Yeon is a towering figure. She weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs. Similarly, the singer-actress has blood type AB. She also has hair that is the same shade as her eyes, which are dark brown.

Social Media Presence

Instagram users can find Ahn Hee Yeon there using the handle @ahnanihh. This profile has more than 4.6 million subscribers as of June 2022. She also has a unique personal Instagram account with the handle @m on nani. While composing this biography, this account has amassed over 55.9K followers.

Furthermore, this singer-actress has more than 1.3 million likes and 385.1K followers on her official Tiktok page, which goes by the name @hanixheeyeon.

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