Playboi Carti

Who hasn’t heard of Jordan Terrell Carter, a rising rap star better known by his stage name Playboi Carti? The 23-year-old performer is presently signed to Interscope Records and ASAP Mob’s AWGE and is developing into one of the top rap artists in the business.

With a label, various tours, and a number of hit songs under his belt, Carti is currently quite popular; he is doing well professionally like many other famous rappers. Additionally, he had numerous tattoos on his body, as most rappers in the music industry do.

Playboi tattoos and their symbolic significance

Although the neck is one of the most uncomfortable places to get inked on the body as a whole, Playboi Carti endures the pain to get inked on multiple different characters. The word “Loser” is written on the front of his neck, and above it is an upside-down cross in crimson that is somewhat difficult to read because it has slightly faded.

On the right side of his neck, Carti also had a tattoo of the number “9” and a few words, and on the other side, he got a tattoo of a star and an upside-down playboy bunny emblem, which may be there to reflect his stage moniker Playboi. He also got the word “V” tattooed on his neck, above the playboy bunny tattoo, and just below the left ear.

The meanings of Carti’s neck tattoos are still unknown, despite the fact that he is upfront with the public about what his tattoos actually symbolize.

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Playboi Carti has a butterfly, A, and anarchy symbol tattooed on his chest

Rapper Playboi Carti has two massive tattoos on his chest that extend a little below his neck. He inscribed an “A” inside a circle on the left side of his body, which stands for anarchy. With this tattoo, he may be expressing his anarchist beliefs and disbelief in political authority.

He also drew a “Butterfly” with enormous wings on the right side, which may have been intended to represent beauty and freedom.

His left shoulder has two tattoos, both of which are of Playboi Carti’s hands. Similar to the tattoo on his chest, one also represents anarchy, but the outside layer of the circle is stretched out to resemble a skull.

Several tattoos were tattooed on Playboi Carti’s left hand

Below that, the Gothic rock band HIM’s emblem was printed by singer Carti. If you are a devoted supporter of his, you might be aware of the significance of the symbol he had inked on his left elbow. We all know how much Playboi adores the HIM band, so as a modest act of self-love, he got himself this little gift.

The rapper Carti got a face tattoo of the well-known cartoon character Mickey Mouse on his left hand to display his passion for the figure. She also placed the words “Sex” and “Alone” within the large ear of the Mickey Mouse tattoo, and he also had a small broken heart tattoo. Therefore, those texts might depict his past unsuccessful relationships taken as a whole.

The term “Slayer,” which Carti would want to use to characterize himself, is written above the Mickey Mouse face tattoo on his other hand. He is holding a second playboy logo art.

Playboi Carti
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Numerous paintings are drawn in the area of his stomach

Playboi Carti inked the “Moon” and “Star” depictions all the way down to his breast tattoo to demonstrate his capacity to develop and overcome adversity. He also has “Bad Religion” inked beneath it. He has a vertically sketched “HMC” letter to the left of that tattoo, which is in honor of the song he and Lil Uzi Vert made together called “Woke Up Like This (HMC ‘I Think They Like Me’).”

Additionally, Carti has a second “Mickey Mouse” tattoo that covers his entire torso and two “Sabbatical Goat” images, one on either side of his belly button. He got such tattoos to express his affection for the Mickey cartoon and to give off a diabolical mood, respectively.

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