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Who is América Guinart?- Biography

América Guinart is a Latina most known as the ex-wife of famed Mexican musician Alejandro Fernandez Abarca, aka El Potrillo, with whom she has three children.

Guinart met the El Potrillo when she was just 14 years old, and the two wed in 1992 despite the fact that her occupation is unknown. After six years of marriage, they eventually decided to part ways in 1998. The couple later obtained a civil divorce in 2002, but the church has never granted them a divorce for private reasons.

América Guinart: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

América Guinart’s early life and family history are largely unknown, however, she is unquestionable of Latino ancestry, just like her ex-husband Alejandro Fernandez Abarca. The only information on América’s parents is that Vicente Fernández, “El dolo de México,” the father of Alejandro, was a very good friend of both her mother and father.

They had been pals for a very long time because they knew each other even before América was born. The “El Dolo de Mexico” was a close friend of Alejandro’s ex-wife, who was shocked by his death. Other details, such as América’s siblings, childhood, and educational institutions, have not yet appeared on the internet.

Although América Guinart’s birthdate is unclear, she turned 50 on December 22, 2021, the ex-wife of Alejandro Fernandez. For America’s three children, who chose to host a family reunion in her honor, turning 50 was cause for a major celebration.

The reunion was attended by Alex Fernández, his pregnant wife Alexia, and his sisters Camila and América Fernández (named after her mother). They then posted a ton of family photos to their social media accounts. Cayetana, Guinart’s granddaughter, attended the gathering with her family as well.

América Guinart
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Relationship Status of América Guinart

América Guinart had only turned 14 when Alejandro Fernández and she began their famous love tale. The mother of three claims that they started dating right away and that they chose to get serious about their relationship in 1992 when she was only just turning 21.

The specifics of their 1992 wedding ceremony were never made public, but by the time America turned 22 the following year, it was clear that she thought their partnership was destined to endure forever.

She was only a young woman, though, and she was only viewing the world through rose-colored glasses. Six years after the couple first got married, their partnership started to show fractures that grew into significant marital problems, and by 1998, their union was over.

Has Alejandro Fernandez’s marriage to América Guinart been annulled?

No, the ex-lovers never saw the need to get a church divorce; they informed the religious publication AleteiaAmerica that they had no such intentions. Even though they had been apart for more than 20 years, América came forward to discuss why they had declined to have their marriage declared null and void by the church.

She said that the main reason they went to court to obtain a divorce was that she was unwilling to ignore her husband’s persistent infidelity. Later on, they rejected the church’s request for a divorce.

Why did she not dissolve their union?

América Guinart sought advice from Father ngel Espinosa de Los Monteros as soon as they were split apart and was made to realize that any marriage performed in a church should endure forever. They chose to terminate things with merely a civil divorce owing to the reverend’s father’s counsel.

America also described how religious individuals treated her following the dissolution of her marriage to El Potrillo. A lot of people urged the church to excommunicate her, and she was instructed to cease receiving communion. In fact, she was unable to enter the church in the same manner as before. Despite everything that happened throughout the marriage, America has now admitted that she doesn’t harbor any animosity for her ex.

The mother of two expressed her desire for Alejandro to experience the same. Despite the fact that America was the one that was wronged, she still keeps good contact with her ex-family. husband’s She claimed that her children are the reason she still feels close to the family.

In 2002, the couple reached a divorce settlement

Later, in 2002, the couple used the registry to complete their divorce. Having said that, until it was revealed that they were never legally divorced by the church, fans and the general public had long assumed that the only tie between the ex-spouses was merely their children.

América Guinart still harbors feelings for her ex-husband despite their divorce and separation. The mother of three says she wants her children’s father to find love again and be content. She claimed that the woman he would eventually get together with will benefit her children as well.

The union of América Guinart and Alejandro Fernández produced three children: a son and identical twin daughters. Alex Fernández’s birthdate is unclear, however, the son of América and Alejandro continued his father and grandfather’s careers in music.

Vicente Fernández, “El dolo de Mexico,” gave him a lot of encouragement when his singing career took off. A new baby was just born to Alex’s wife, Alexia, who is already married.

Camila and América Fernández, twin girls who joined the family in 1997 soon before their parent’s marriage fell apart, have a brother named Alex. Camila started her singing career by continuing the family tradition. She has a charming baby girl named Cayetana, to whom she is already married.

Camilla and América confided in their mother when they were youngsters that they would never get married in their lifetimes due to their parents’ failed marriage. But by promising the twins that their father’s past wouldn’t repeat itself in their lives, América was able to allay their worries.

Quick Facts of América Guinart

Full Name: América Guinart

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Latino

Zodiac Sign: Capricon

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religion: Christianity

Marital Status: Divorced

América Guinart’s Ex-Husband: Alejandro Fernandez Abarca

América Guinart’s Children: Alex, Camila, and América Fernandez

Famous For: Being the wife of Alejandro Fernandez Abarca

América Guinart’s Instagram: @meraguin

América Guinart: Profession, Career

Many people assume Guinart never had a profession because her profession was never made public. Alejandro’s ex-wife stayed behind to care for the family while her ex-husband left for work.

América Guinart is currently where?

América Guinart’s life has been focused on her three children since she divorced. She was the one who reared kids after their divorce, and now that they are married and settled, she is enjoying the pecks of a grandmother. She regularly makes trips between her children’s houses to spend time with them.

América enjoys going to see her kids, but it is not her only interest. The former wife of Alejandro discovered a new love. The name of her rumored current boyfriend, a Mexican financial manager, is not known. Guinart claims that her ex-husband stopped following her on social media after she posted a picture of her boyfriend on his birthday. She claimed that this has persisted in puzzling her.

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