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The tale of Kelly Ronahan is incredibly tragic. The majority of people now learn about it on TikTok, but a small number of individuals actually witnessed Kelly’s decline from a healthy woman with thoughts of going back to ballet to a fragile woman who had an amputation to save her life.

Given that no one could correctly identify Ronahan’s illness, her deterioration was all the more painful.

She jumped from one enigmatic sickness to the next, giving rise to accusations that she fabricated her symptoms to get attention.

According to an odd internet story, Kelly injected feces into her legs to cause sepsis. This article examines Kelly Ronahan’s narrative in greater detail.

Kelly became well-known because she needed weekly blood transfusions to treat a rare blood disorder

In order to treat a rare blood illness, Kelly Ronahan needs weekly blood transfusions. This is how she initially came to public attention in 2014.

The reason why her hemoglobin level continued falling each week baffled doctors.

She received 95 liters of blood by March 2016. Kelly told Global News, “I get three bags every two weeks, so that’s three people, three blood donors to rescue me every two weeks.

I would experience organ failure without the transfusions, and within a month or six weeks, I would pass away.

Kelly kept getting worse despite the transfusions. She was unable to resume her position as a ballet instructor due to the disease.

Because I’m becoming more and more intolerant to blood with each transfusion, Kelly stated, “I’m kind of terrified to hear about the future.

Netizens sympathized with Kelly’s situation and flooded her with encouragement each time she submitted an update. To encourage blood donations, Ronahan joined a blood donation group.

Ronahan was hospitalized for seizures in July 2016. However, after realizing that she was fabricating the seizures, the doctors released her.

People organized a blood drive in her honor in response to her admission. Even after telling people the physicians’ findings, she was still given support. Several blood drives were held throughout 2016 in Kelly’s honor.

It was confirmed by her appearance on a local TV program that Kelly truly was ill and required assistance to survive.

Early in 2017, Kelly developed sepsis as a result of an infection in her port. Ronahan also disclosed to her followers that she has been struggling with eating disorders and a preoccupation with exercise.

Additionally, she claimed that she had injured herself prior to being ill, but the scars she presented didn’t seem to be three years old.

Additionally, Ronahan’s port developed an infection once more, necessitating three weeks of medical observation.

Kelly experienced seizures and a rash just before she was supposed to be released. Kelly had her blood drawn in April 2017 when she visited the hospital for a different purpose.

Her hemoglobin count was normal, which raised the possibility that she had been fabricating a rare disease to gain attention.

Kelly disproved the theory by claiming that the doctor was plotting against her.

Kelly Ronahan
Biography Zoom: Kelly Ronahan
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When Ronahan’s strange leg illness first surfaced in 2018, it spread quickly in the months that followed

Ronahan claimed that MS and uterine fibroids were to blame for her blood condition, but she had no proof to back up her claims. Kelly asserted that in order to remove the fibroids, she required a hysterectomy.

By 2018, there were widespread accusations that Kelly was lying. Her port was removed by medical professionals in April 2018 because she no longer required transfusions.

Kelly later complained of blisters that purportedly came out of nowhere and swelled on her feet.

Kelly impulsively picked at the blisters, which caused them to enlarge. Despite her claims that she was in excruciating agony, her doctors refused to provide her with a prescription for painkillers.

Kelly’s condition deteriorated throughout 2018 as the scabs grew into deeper sores. The fact that Ronahan experienced seizures and hand blisters added to the medical enigma.

Doctors become increasingly concerned about circulation problems and nerve damage as the wounds on her legs become more noticeable.

Unfortunately, Kelly experienced online bullying, which has a negative impact on her mental health.

As her condition deteriorated, it became harder to look at the photos she uploaded. She disclosed to her fans that she was suffering from an autoimmune condition.

She underwent skin grafts in 2019 and seemed to make progress.

She wrote that she had just finished her first walk in months at the beginning of April 2019. Kelly penned:

“After being confined by my legs for so long, it felt quite intense. I must say that I am in great pain today.

I’ve been in a really bad place for a very long time. Omg what if that occurs again, or what if this is a dream and I wake up with rotting legs? That’s what my mind is trying to scare me with.

Following Kelly’s destruction of her grafts in May 2021, doctors had to amputate her legs

Kelly went back to the hospital after picking up her leg wounds many weeks after her optimistic Instagram photo. To try to save her legs, she was committed for three days.

She was examined by several specialists, but none of them could identify her illness. Kelly afterward reported losing sensation in her legs and ankles.

Due to the wounds’ enormity and Ronahan’s incapacity to stop interfering with healing, the injuries refused to heal.

Doctors eventually advised her to have her leg amputated. She had lost a toe by that point. Following the operation, Kelly published the following update:

“I only began physiotherapy a few hours following my surgery. Good god it aches, but I won’t be working hard since I don’t want to spend again another summer in bed. Not going to lie, I cry around 20 times a day. I’m so stunned and upset by this. That’s HARD.

Following her operation, Kelly’s social media posts steadily decreased. She’d stated that she planned to receive prosthetic limbs, and she’ll probably keep her followers informed of her progress.

Ronahan has been accused of making up ailments to gain attention. Few people go as far as having their legs amputated, but some feign illnesses in order to get recognition online.

Kelly Ronahan
Biography Zoom: Kelly Ronahan
(Source: Instagram)

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