Anthem james tru

Who is Anthem James Tru?

Anthem James Tru is the daughter of internet sensation Paige Danielle. Anthem James Tru mother is a self-titled Youtube account , a makeup and hair stylist.

Anthem James Tru: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity


Childhood and Early Life Anthem James Tru, who turned 3 years old on April 2, 2019, was born. She is an Aries by birth sign. 

She is also American by nationality and was born in the country. Paige Danielle and Thurman Thomas III, two well-known media figures, are her parents.

In addition, Thurman Thomas III, better known as Thebrosfresh, is a well-known rapper, and her mother Paige Danielle is a well-known cosmetics artist.

She is also connected to the LeBlancs family through her maternal line and runs the Bratayley YouTube channel. She is also good friends with YouTubers Annie and Hayley LeBlanc.

Education, Schooling

She is also too young to enroll in any university, considering her educational background. 

She might, however, receive top-notch educational resources in the future because of her wealthy family background.

Quick facts of Anthem James Tru

Bio / Wiki
Full Name Anthem James Tru
Occupation Family Member
Age 3
Date of Birth April 2, 2019
Place of Birth United States
Star Sign Aries
Country United States
Gender Female

 Anthem James Tru: Profession, Career


Instagram user Professional Life Anthem is a young girl with a Paige-owned account. After giving birth, she immediately created an Instagram account for herself.

 On April 3, 2019, she shared the account’s debut photo, which has 119K likes. Her Instagram account has 321K followers under the @anthemjamestru handle. 

Additionally, as of April 2020, she has 239 posts, the majority of them were about her cute amusing moments and the times she spends with her mother. 

She has also followed a lot of baby-related web retailers. She is also frequently spotted on her mother’s YouTube channel, “Paige Danielle,”

 when considering her online persona. Paige launched her own YouTube channel on February 13th, 2014, and currently has 652K followers.

 In addition, Paige frequently posted on social media before giving birth. She shared pregnancy-related films, including ones like “Labor Vlog.

 In a similar vein, Paige had pre-term labor pains while she was pregnant and on February 28, 2019, she shared a video titled “Baby Coming Early!”

Similar to this, Paige told her birth story in the channel’s episode of “Natural Birth” on April 12, 2019, where she first appeared. 1.4 million people watched it. 

Paige also frequently records her every move and uploads it to her Youtube channel. The same goes for Paige, who posted “Bringing Baby She Home from Hospital,” which received 3 million views.

The same goes for her first bath video, “Anthem’s First Bath,” which received 865 thousand views.

Similar to this, her channel also contains a lot of terrible times. On the vlog “Anthem Stops Breathing + Goes to ER,” which was posted on November 12th, 2019,

she once had extreme sickness, exhaustion, and a great deal of difficulty. Additionally, in addition to this, Paige frequently uploads stunning images of herself to the channel.

One of the videos is titled “Anthem gets Ears Pierced!” Other videos include “Baby’s First Thanksgiving!,” “Baby’s First Christmas,” “Buying Everything My Baby Touches,” and “Mourning Routine.”

Relationship Status of Anthem James Tru?

Relationship Situation Anthem, who is one year old, is not in a relationship. She’s too young to be in a relationship, even one that involves love.

 Her cute appearance and endearing attitude, however, will make her a popular choice for lovers as she gets older.

Anthem James Tru: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

With brown hair and hazel brown eyes, Anthem has a dark skin tone. She is still an infant, so it is not now possible to determine her exact height, weight, or chest-weight-hip measurements.

Similar to how body measuring statistics will change in the future for a while. Andrea was, however, 6 pounds and 19 inches tall at delivery.

Social Media Presence

From a young age, she has been a social media celebrity. She has an Instagram account with the handle @anthemjamestru, which her mother Paige manages.

She also frequently appears on her mother’s social media page. She frequently made appearances on Paige Danielle, her mother’s 652K-subscriber YouTube channel. 

In addition, Paige maintains a Facebook page called “Paige Danielle.” Additionally, she has posted a number of photos with her mother in her mother’s @therealpaigedanielle Instagram account, which has 1.6 million followers.

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