Austin Agustin Santos

Arcangel’s Family: His Wife and Children

Dominica’s pulse Arcangel, whose real name is Austin Agustin Santos, is a popular singer and composer. His well-known work with De La Ghetto garnered an audience on a global scale, elevating Arcnagel’s career.

This performer may be known to you, but do you know anything about his spouse and kids? If not, stick with us through to the finish.

The family and private affairs of this adored singer are the subjects of this essay. Find out what his entire wealth is.

Austin Agustin Santos: Bio, Age

Austin Agustin Santos was born on December 23, 1985, and is now 35 years old. Together with his three younger brothers, he grew up in East Harlin. The mother of Arcangel was a vocalist. He and his mother used to listen to a variety of tunes, which helped him acquire a creative taste for rock music.

Austin Santos made the decision in 2002 to launch his career in Puerto Rico, the country that gave rise to reggaeton music. He began working with a record label, “Baby Records,” and “Machette Music” under the alias “Arcangel.” Their debut album, Sangre Nueva, became a public success in 2006. He terminated his agreement with De La Ghetto in 2007 and began a solo career. Fans adored his most recent album, Los Favoritos, which had the huge hit, Tu Cuerpo me, Hace Bien.

Austin Agustin Santos’s Net Worth

Arcangel has amassed a sizable wealth over the course of his twenty-year career in music and numerous concert tours. His YouTube channel, which has 9.63 million subscribers, makes up a sizable portion of his income. Arcangel has amassed a fortune of $10 million from all of this labor. His Instagram page alone has 11.8 million followers.

Arcangel has had two marriages

The well-known musician leads a rather shrouded personal life. Alejandra Pascual is the woman he is currently married to, and he is rarely seen together in public. Nothing regarding their wedding is known to us. He has other relationships as well. Arol Garra has been married to Arcangel. Before the marriage broke down, the pair had been married for a few years.

After Arcangel was detained for domestic abuse in 2019, many issues were brought up. After a heated dispute, he kicked his then-girlfriend in a viral video. The kick felt inhuman and was really brutal. He ultimately had to make the $3000 bail payment.

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Arcangel Youth

A daughter named Angelica Lucero Antto Fguero was born to Arcangel’s first wife, Marisol, and she currently resides in the United States. On the other hand, his son, Utn Leandro Antos Acual, resides in Inner Rio.

Santos cares deeply about his children and will stop at nothing to protect them. Even though he calls his daughter La Nina, he finds it difficult to visit her frequently.

Arcangel is a well-known and popular singer. He has two children, Utin Lelandro and Angelica Lucero.

He recently posted on Instagram, saying,

“Lucero demonstrates her preferences for her bedroom. My daughter is stylish. She merits all of it and more.

His current spouse Alejandra Pascual, who goes by the Instagram handle @laly lalypop, is also very close to both of the kids. She frequently journeys with Arcangel to see his children.

Arcangel’s admirers are eagerly awaiting additional details about his private life.

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