Arrested for DUI, Heather Gay tested positive for amphetamines

Heather Gay

After Heather Gay’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-star, Lisa Barlow made a passing reference to Heather Gay’s prior legal issues at the Season 2 reunion, the incident has come to light again.

The owner of the Beauty Lab joked that she had “dirt” on Lisa, to which her co-star retorted, “What about your DUI?”

“I haven’t got one. Check it out! Heather gave a reply.

“You do, yes! I did look it up,” Lisa yelled in response. “Yes, you lie, that is true.”

According to court records obtained by The Sun on Monday, Heather was detained for DUI in Salt Lake City on July 1, 2012, at 1:00 a.m.

According to the records, “Officer Harker thought he could smell alcohol during the traffic check and questioned Ms. Gay if she had been drinking.”

“Ms. Gay replied that she drank a “few sips” with friends earlier that night at a nearby club. Ms. Gay also disclosed to Officer Harker that she had an Adderall prescription.

According to reports, Heather was detained after she allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test. Her blood was examined when the police station acquired a search order.

The court documents stated that the test “found a blood alcohol content of 0.06 and a positive result for amphetamines.”

The future reality star entered a not guilty plea to the DUI and misdemeanor traffic charges and then filed a motion to suppress the blood test evidence due to the warrant’s excessive scope.

The police officer, according to the woman, “exceeded the scope of the search warrant by asking the toxicologist to look for amphetamines in her blood where the search warrant states specifically, the drug alcohol,’ thereby suggesting that alcohol was the only thing to be tested.”

Heather Gay
Biography Zoom: Heather Gay (Source: Instagram)

A judge turned down the request

After Heather’s DUI charge was downgraded to careless driving, she was ultimately found guilty.

She was given a 180-day sentence, but 178 days of it were suspended, so she just had to serve two days of community service.

She was also reportedly required to attend a LIVE MADD Victim Impact Panel, pay a court fine of $600, and complete 364 days of probation.

Heather Gay
Biography Zoom: Heather Gay (Source: Instagram)

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