Bradley James

Bradley James is an English actor and voice actor who was born on October 11, 1983. He gained notoriety for playing Prince Arthur in the BBC television series Merlin.

He contributed to the first season of iZombie in 2015. He is also well-known for playing Brigadier General Felix Sparks in The Liberator (Netflix 2020), Damien in the TV series Medici, and other roles.

Bradley draws a lot of attractive models and actors because of his strong features and attractive blue eyes, which, of course, make it difficult for women to resist him.

Does that suggest Bradley James had a large number of females? Unexpectedly, not really. Although he may frequently be in the spotlight, he has only ever been associated with two women in his whole career. Here, we will learn more about it.

Does Bradley James have a wife?

Bradley James has never been wed. But it is believed that he had a love relationship with Angel Coulby, who also happens to be his on-screen spouse; this was probably at least one of the factors that started their relationship.

Since the show first aired, many fans have believed they are together in real life due to their on-screen connection.

He was seeing Georgia May King at the time, but they broke up sometime between 2011 and 2012, and soon after that, Bradley and Angel started dating.

Bradley may be more well-known than Angel. She did, however, demonstrate her acting prowess in a few films and TV shows, including Having It Off and the paranormal reality series Scariest Places on Earth.

Since then, she has made more appearances. She gained notoriety after appearing in Thunderbirds Are Go and the TV miniseries Dancing on the Edge and Undercover.

Angel prefers to keep her romantic relationships a secret, and this is no different while she is dating Bradley.

When asked which actor, in particular, inspires her in the world of movies, Angel said that there are plenty. She named Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Scarlett Johansson as her three favorite actors and performers.

She added that she adores the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Godfather trilogy.

Had Bradley James and Angel Coulby kept their romance a secret from everyone?

The co-stars have been spotted together numerous times since August 2011. She was questioned by Merlin in 2012 regarding Bradley’s kiss.

It’s like another aspect of the work, the English actress advised. Additionally, Bradley and I are friends. So we just put up with it and carried out the task. Bradley seemed to have liked it.

They allegedly decided to become a couple and have been dating since then. The couple has kept their relationship a very closely-guarded secret, though.

Consequently, despite the fact that they were together for almost nine years, almost little is known about them.

Even in their interviews, they never made it clear that the two were in a relationship. Instead, they leave it to the speculation and knowledge of their followers as to how much time Bradley and Angel spend together.

Some sources, however, claimed that their separation was brought on by their inability to locate a meeting time due to their busy schedules.

On October 1, 2019, while discussing climate change and how it affects children, Angel Coulby mentioned that she has a son. Her son was born in 2018, says Wiki.

In an interview with Broadway World on August 12, 2020, Angel discussed her son and mentioned that he will be 2.5 years old by that month.

Especially during the lockdown, she and her kid had been spending a lot of time together.

Bradley, on the other hand, kept traveling back and forth between London and Los Angeles to balance his time between his family and his job.

When he returned to the UK, he indicated that he was an avid football fan and that he had been doing a terrific job managing the two. Arsenal is his favorite football team.

Bradley also participates in charitable activities and performs at select shows and fundraisers.

Is Maura Higgins Dating Bradley James?

Bradley James and Maura Higgins were spotted having dinner in London in 2020, and their relationship was later revealed to be romantic.

Maura is eight years Bradley’s senior. Even before the dinner date, they seemed to already be close and followed each other on social media.

Maura appeared stunning as always. The two appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their dinner date as she wore a bright pink minidress and emphasized her toned figure.

Bradley looked hot and endearing despite dressing more casually in blue pants, a black jacket, and a blue mask. Bradley and Maura looked great walking together in the photo.

Following their date, the two reportedly spent the night together in Bradley’s residence.

Bradley James and Maura Higgins
Biography Zoom: Bradley James and Maura Higgins (Source: Google)

Is it true that Maura Higgins couldn’t get over her ex before meeting Bradley, or is that simply a rumor?

Before dating Bradley, Maura was seeing Curtis Pritchard, a member of the Love Island cast. However, Maura and Curtis split up in March 2019.

She also acknowledged that it had been difficult to see that, soon after their breakup, her ex was seeing someone else.

Maura swiftly abandoned Bradley James though, and it appeared that she had found solace and a caring companion in him.

Maura admitted that she had no problem dating an older man when questioned if she found this bothersome.

Age isn’t a concern for me, to be honest, she said. Younger or older doesn’t matter to me. It’s the relationship you have with someone, in my opinion.

I’ve only gone on one date, and that was with the guy I was dating before Love Island, so I’m not at all accustomed to the dating environment, Maura said to the Daily Mail.

She continued, “I am still single, though. However, it was wonderful that I returned to the dating scene.

However, Higgins’ dating life has now come to an end due to the second lockdown. Fair enough, she acknowledged, but said, “Everything occurs for a purpose; we’re on lockdown for a reason.

People referred to Maura Higgins as a “man-eater”

Since Maura minimized her reputation on Love Island, the news of Maura and Bradley’s relationship became a heated subject.

By claiming that she was “just on a date” and “scared” of meeting a new partner,” she gained a reputation as a “man-eater.” So what does Bradley have to offer her now? Bradley, we hope, wasn’t the “man- eater’s” next victim.

She acknowledged, though, that her comment was purely for show. She admitted that in her entire life, she had only ever gone on one date.

She, therefore, implied that her relationship with Bradley was real.

She admitted that she was “nervous” to resume her dating life. Bradley’s name wasn’t mentioned by her, but the implication was clear.

The actress was told, “I know we did a lot of dating on the show, but you’re in a very different atmosphere.” I’m 29 years old and have only gone out once. I find it pretty frightful when I think of it that way.

The confident woman continued, “I’d be a nervous wreck on a date, which seems crazy, but I wouldn’t know what to do myself.”

She wasn’t immune to other rumors while dating Bradley. She poked fun at the rumors about her relationship with Chris Hughes, a different Love Island costar, by joking that they would finish up as “friends with benefits.”

It was merely a rumor because it didn’t matter that the two were close or even dating.

Other than that, her relationship with Bradley appears to be heading on the correct path and is steady. Who knows? Maybe they’ll enter a more serious phase.

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