Brianna Lopez

The tale of Brianna Lopez is a chilling illustration of the horrifying depths of human wickedness. During the five terrible months that Lopez endured, she was mistreated in the worst ways.

Her sobs appeared to encourage the wickedness that her mother Stephanie Lopez, her father Andy Lopez, and her uncle Steven Lopez were committing.

As Lopez’s body succumbed to the torture, she passed away. Lopez endured every day for the five months that she was alive, as evidenced by the bruises that doctors and medical personnel found, which were in various states of healing.

The Lopez family walled her grave even after she passed away to stop people from grieving there.

Tortured, bit, and sexually assaulted, Brianna Lopez was also beaten

When Brianna Lopez stepped inside her parents’ trailer, her life was forever altered.

The people who were supposed to be taking care of her began shouting, kicking, and punching her almost immediately.

Andy and Steven laughed as Stephanie disregarded her cries. When Brianna cried, Stephanie would occasionally bite and pinch her.

The night before Brianna passed away, Andy and Stephen performed a “game” with her in which they threw her into the air so she could strike the ceiling before letting her fall to the ground.

The following morning, Stephanie awoke to Brianna sobbing, but she decided against dialing 911.

Andy offered to help Brianna change her diaper, and while doing so, he sexually assaulted Brianna.

When an ambulance was finally called, it rushed Brianna to the hospital as she was closing in on death.

According to Amy Orlando, deputy secretary for the Department of Public Safety, “we heard what the baby looked like, that there wasn’t a portion of her body that was not bruised,” she told the Las Cruces Sun-News.

She had experienced hurt and agony throughout her entire life, so this was just pure anger and torture that lasted all night and, as we subsequently discovered, for the majority of it.

Andy and Steven acknowledged throwing Brianna, but they steadfastly denied harming her sexually.

Walters assured investigators that they would “not discover any semen” in their search. He said that he had entered Lopez’s body while changing a soiled diaper.

Stephanie, Andy, and Steven were accused by the prosecution of criminal sexual penetration and child abuse that resulted in death.

Amy Orlando discussed the trial’s sadness with The Las Cruces Sun-News:

“You had a courtroom that supported those defendants wholeheartedly. She was still alone herself, in actuality.

They had slain her, secluded her in death by placing a cage over her grave so that no one could visit and leave flowers or balloons, and now she was still alive during the trial. It merely caused heartbreak.

Steven received a 57-year term, Walter a 63-year sentence, and Stephanie received a 27-year sentence.

When all the defendants were found guilty, Orlando remarked, “you just realized that Baby Brianna might be free and justice was served and the killer was caught.”

The defendants’ appeal to have the convictions overturned was successful in 2006. However, the Supreme Court upheld the penalties a year later.

After serving half of her sentence, Stephanie Lopez was granted freedom

The department of prisons authorized Stephanie Lopez’s early release in September 2016. Lopez qualified for “good time” and got credit for the 493 days she spent in jail before her trial.

Stephanie started her parole in Texas right after being released. The prosecutor who indicted Lopez, Susana Martinez, objected to Brianna’s release. According to Las Cruces Sun News, she said:

“[Brianna] was tortured and raped before being slain by other men, and her mother was nowhere to be found. She has no business wandering the streets, in this state or another.

Brianna Lopez was beaten by her parents
Biography Zoom: Brianna Lopez was beaten by her parents (Source: Google)

The Baby Plan spokesperson, Orlando-Antonio Carrillo-Jimenez

Lopez’s release was also opposed by the Brianna Foundation. In a statement, Orlando-Antonio stated that “there is no amount of years in prison or any other penalty that would ever make up for the awful atrocities against Baby Brianna.”

Stephanie Lopez and Maria Perez visited each other in jail. Lopez was described as a quiet person by Perez who rarely had conflicts with others, according to Action 7 News.

Stephanie was quiet, according to Perez. “I never experienced any issues with Stephanie.”

Perez reported that Stephanie would occasionally ask for prayer. “I informed her that repentance is always possible and that God still loves her despite everything.

My hope for her is that she has discovered something in her spirit that will inspire her to strive for excellence and, most importantly, to find repentance, Perez continued.

Steven Lopez and Andy are still in custody. Walters is eligible for a good time, therefore he might not complete his 63-year sentence.

Brianna Lopez
Biography Zoom: Brianna Lopez (Source: Google)

A measure requiring a mandatory 30-year term for those found guilty of child negligence was motivated by Brianna’s passing

The Baby Brianna Bill, which mandated a mandatory 30-year sentence for those found guilty of child abuse resulting in death, was inspired by Brianna Lopez.

Only situations when the youngster is younger than 13 are subject to the sentence.

According to Susana Martinez, the law ought to apply to kids younger than 18 years old. Susana declared, “I’m pushing for it again, to include all kids.

Children are defined as “everyone under the age of 18,” not only those under the age of 13.

The chief investigator working on Brianna’s case, Lindell Wright, is in favor of expanding the law to cover all minors.

He stated: The sentencing reform process was accelerated by Brianna’s case, and it will now apply to all child abuse cases.

I hope that Brianna and Victoria will not be forgotten by the community and that New Mexico will continue to move forward in combating child abuse.

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