Brittish Williams

Brittish WilliamsThe Basketball Wives star might be hauled back to jail for violating her bond conditions, according to MediaTakeOut.

Williams allegedly violated her court order by traveling at will, according to the prosecution. She was not allowed to take unapproved trips, according to the terms of her bail.

In addition, they think Brittish has perpetrated “new” frauds while she has been on bail.

On September 22, a jury indicted the Basketball Wives star on five federal counts, including abuse of a Social Security number, four counts of bank fraud, three counts of filing false tax returns, three counts of wire fraud, and three counts of aggravated identity theft.

After her most recent events, prosecutors want her release to be withdrawn. She was given a bond and forced to wear a tracking monitor while awaiting trial.

Prosecutors claim that Williams has previously admitted to two instances of traveling without a federal official’s permission, the news source reports.

In December 2021, the reality star made her first journey to Dallas, Texas, to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Brittish acknowledged at the time that she didn’t ask since she decided to go at the last minute and thought they would reject her request nevertheless.

In October 2021, she made a second voyage from Missouri to New York.

Brittish Williams
Biography Zoom: Brittish Williams (Source: Instagram)

Williams isn’t treating the allegations against her seriously, according to the prosecution

She “does not respect the gravity of the Indictment against her or the restrictions of her bond,” according to their assessment of her behavior.

In addition, they said that Brittish is still committing fraud while on bail. She was a party to a minor traffic accident but did not notify the courts as required.

The government claims they were informed of a fresh federal probe into allegedly fraudulent insurance claims, but it doesn’t end there, according to MTO.

Williams allegedly claimed she had no injuries and had minor automobile damage during the collision, according to the prosecution. She did, however, send her firm a charge for $16, 206 in damages.

Williams’ attorney recently requested that the conditions of his client’s bail be changed so that her ankle monitor may be concealed in court.

Her attorney claimed that because the device restricts the attire and costuming she can employ, the show’s producers do not want it to be visible.

Brittish Williams
Biography Zoom: Brittish Williams (Source: Instagram)

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