Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock Goes Topless and Bares Her Breast on Baddies South in a Video

Chrisean Rock is currently trending on social media after entering the jacuzzi while fully clothed on Baddies South then switching to going topless.

Rock leaps in, shoes and all, in the popular teaser footage, then strips off his shirt in front of everyone.

Chrisean clarifies that none of the females are f****** since she isn’t trying to get “In Trouble” with her boyfriend Blueface when Jela advises that they all get n*ked and enter the jacuzzi.

A new batch of bad girls is trying to conquer the entire Dirty South in the southern spin-off of the successful “Baddies” franchise in a decked-out tour bus.

They’ll stay in opulent houses while traveling, host and perform at the best clubs and parties, explore the wild and sinister side of southern culture, and establish their reputation as the baddest chicks around.

Chrisean Rock
Biography Zoom: Chrisean Rock (Source: Google)

The women, including Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s girlfriend, have been in several fights.

In a 2020 interview with Fox, Chrisean disclosed that her mother struggled to maintain a home while fighting drug addiction and that her father spent a large portion of her childhood in prison.

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