Diahann Carroll

Coral Diahann Johnson, sometimes known as Diahann Carroll in the entertainment industry, is an American actress, singer, and model.

She is widely recognized for playing one of the first featured black casts in major studio movies like Carmen Jones and Porgy and Bess.

Additionally, she has had appearances in a number of movies and TV episodes, including White Collar with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, Grey’s Anatomy with Ellen Pompeo, Jessica Capshaw, and Sarah Drew, among many others.

Although she is a renowned actress who has worked in the entertainment industry for 68 years and is still performing at the age of 82, her private life is not the same. She has been married four times, and each marriage has fallen apart in some fashion.

Let’s learn more about her marriages, divorces, and kids without further ado.

Diahann Carroll: Is She Single? Has She had a New Marriage?

Carroll is apparently single and leading a self-sufficient single life as of 2018. Given her age of 82, she might not be as keen on finding love or getting married.

Since her 1996 divorce from her most recent ex-husband, Vic Damone, she has been living alone. She has been living alone for the past 22 years, which is astounding.

Let’s learn more about her ex-husbands and divorce right now.

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Carroll, Diahann Children, Divorce, and Marriage

In 1956, Diahann Carroll married for the first time. In 1955, she began dating her future husband, American TV, and film producer Monte Kay. The couple wed on February 26th of the following year, 1956.

They had a kid together and were happily married for seven years. Their daughter Suzanne Kay was born on September 9, 1960, and as of 2018, she was 57 years old.

The couple split up soon after the birth of their first child, and on January 14, 1963, their divorce was officially granted.

Second Marriage of Diahann Carroll

Carroll waited five years to be married after her first divorce before falling in love with Fredrick “Fredde” Jack Glusman. The couple began dating in 1972, and on February 21st of the following year, they were wed.

Carroll never had children with Glusman because the union lasted only a short time. Just five months after getting married on July 20, 1973, the couple filed for divorce.

The Third Marriage of Diahann Carroll

Just two years after her second divorce, Carroll remarried for the third time. She began dating Robert DeLeon in 1974, and they were wed on May 25, 1975, one year later.

Their connection was the kind that would endure a lifetime, and the couple had a very loving and happy marriage. Sadly, just two years after their marriage, Robert DeLeon went away on March 31, 1977, leaving Carroll all alone once more.

Carroll does not appear to have experienced much damage from this episode because it has been over ten years since she last had a romantic relationship.

Fourth marriage for Diahann Carroll

Carroll resumed her dating life in 1986 and began dating American singer Vic Damone, over ten years after losing her third spouse.

They were wed on January 3 of the following year, 1987, and were together for almost ten years.

But like Carroll’s first marriage, this one also ended in divorce on September 12, 1996. Vic Damone also passes away on February 11, 2018, in Miami.

Diahann Carroll: biography

Elegant actress, singer, and recording artist Diahann Carroll was born Carol Diann (or Diahann) Johnson on July 17, 1935, in the Bronx, New York, and went on to become one of the top African-American series performers on television.

She was the first child of nurse Mabel Faulk Johnson and subway director John Johnson, and she began singing with her Harlem church choir at the age of six.

She thought of pursuing an operatic career while taking voice and piano classes after winning a Metropolitan Opera scholarship at age 10 to attend New York’s High School of Music and Art.

When she was a teenager, she looked for modeling work, but her voice—rather than her beauty—was what possessed the fascination and the charm.

When she was 16 years old, she paired up with a school buddy and went to Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts auditions under the name Diahann Carroll since it sounded more exotic.

She was the only participant invited, and she took first place. She then gave a three-week performance on the daily radio show.

She started concentrating on a nightclub career in her late teens, and it was here that she first developed a sophisticated, glamorous image.

She received a week’s engagement at the Latin Quarter for another participation on a TV talent program.

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