Diane Haughton

Who is Diane Haughton?- Biography

Diane Haughton, an American citizen from New York, was born there in 1951. Diane Haughton is also well-known for being Michael Haughton’s wife. But her hubby passed away in November 2012.

She does not, however, perform any other jobs in the entertainment sector. Following the death of her daughter in an aircraft tragedy in 2001, Diane has gained notoriety.

The three portions of Aaliyah’s biopic “Surviving R. Kelly” have recently been completed. It will start airing on television the next day. She leads a questionable lifestyle. Cunningham blames the Haughton family for an incident that occurred during the 1994 tour. On the bus, R. Kelly and Aaliyah have sex. She has since issued a statement refuting Cunningham’s false claims.

She frequently ran into Aaliyah. Her parents do accompany her on the travels, though. Diane added that the woman is stirring up trouble. Nowhere in the world has she ever seen her before. As a substitute, she created a post and submitted it on Instagram.

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Quick Facts of Diane Haughton

Real Full Birth Name Diane Haughton.
Nickname Diane.
Profession Self-Employed.
Famous for the biopic of her daughter Aaliyah’s “Surviving R. Kelly” releases on January 5.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 1951.
Birthplace/Hometown New York (United States).
Nationality American.
Awards & Achievements NA.
Gender Female.

Relationship Status of Diane Haughton

The wife of Michael Haughton was born in New York, USA, in 1951. Diane Haughton is 67 years old as a result. In actuality, Barry Hankerson is her brother.

He manages Background Records and is a record producer. In the 1980s, she marries Michael Haughton. The couple later becomes the contented parents of two kids.

Their daughter Aaliyah is a singer. Rashad Huntington, their son, was born. He works in Hollywood as a director, writer, actor, and singer.

Diane Haughton
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Facts about Diane Haughton

Aaliyah’s Instagram account is handled by Diane.
However, no new information regarding her life has been located online.
In actuality, she and her husband are the tour managers for her daughter.
However, on August 25, 2001, a fatal plane crash in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas, claimed the life of Aaliyah.
Her albums “One in a Million,” “Aaliyah,” and “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number” are all well-known.
The “One in a Million” album also featured work by Diane Haughton’s son and daughter.
She belongs to the White American Ethnic Descent group.
She currently resides in New York City with her kid.

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