ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky, also known as Rakim Mayers, is one of the most well-known artists in the music business. ASAP Rocky is well known for his original musical style, fashionable flare, recreational drug use, and turbulent personal life.

Immediately following the release of ASAP Rocky chart-topping album Long. Live. The American rapper A$AP and At. Long. Last. A$AP established himself in the music business quite swiftly.

Rap artists are frequently thought to acquire tattoos just for the “feel” or to express their artistic prowess. A$AP is no exception, as he has prominent tattoos on his back that represent things he strongly believes in.

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Exactly how many tattoos does rapper ASAP Rocky have?

Due to his particular musical taste and superb sense of style, ASAP Rocky has always been the most well-known leader of the A$AP Mob (which helped him achieve high-profile celebrity collaborations).

The singer, according to Body Art Guru, has nine different tattoos in all.

Cross body art

His right knee bears a “Cross” mark that symbolizes the principles of religion and faith. It has to do with the execution of Jesus and his faith in him. Together with Asap Ferg, YG, and Tyga, the singer created the song “On God,” which expresses his trust in the omnipotent.

Tattoo by Vlone

The letter “V” is inked beneath the rapper’s left ear. The streetwear clothing label “VLONE” was founded in 2011 by ASAP K, a co-founder of the A$AP Mob. A$AP Gang includes ASAP Rocky as a member.

Rocky shows his group an incredible amount of love and affection, and the tattoo is another way for him to show his appreciation.

Tattooed anarchy symbol

There is a tattoo of the Anarchy emblem on his left thigh. Anarchy describes a group of people that don’t have any centralized government and oppose it. Even a symbol of resistance is included in the rapper’s apparel.


Above his left knee, the singer has another tattoo of the word “ANARCHY.”

ASAP stated, “I’m an anarchist man, I’m all about the folks who don’t give a fuck about colors and all of that silly shit,” in a Vice interview. You know it sounds good, especially coming from me, but even if I didn’t have much, I’d still say it.

The tattoo “If Not Now Then When”

On his right thigh, the singer has the tattoo “If Not Now Then When.” In general, the phrase “If Not Now Then When” is used to inspire people to act decisively on any objective or task they are aware will eventually need to be completed or progress made at a specific time.

belly tattoo

The rapper has the phrase “ASAP life” tattooed over his lower abdomen. American hip-hop artists came together to form the group A$AP Mob in 2006. Although the rapper ASAP Rocky was not a founding member of the crew, the ASAP Mob holds him in high regard.

The “Dare” tattoo

Rocky has the word “Dare” inked directly above his right knee, next to the ink that reads “If Not Now Then When.” Daring, in general, refers to the guts to take on any difficult undertaking. Daring just seems to fit Rocky’s person who is known for having rebellious views.

Captain’s Tattoo

Under his left knee, the 31-year-old rapper has a Pirate tattoo. Because pirates are strong individuals by nature, the tattoo may also represent the wearer’s unshakeable character. The sign could also stand for boldness and tenacity.

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Tattoo that is not known

On his left hand, the rapper has an unexplained tattoo.

Rocky Hand Tattoo ASAP

ASAP Rocky released his mixtape “Live. Love. A$AP” back in 2011.

The mixtape’s music incorporates design and stylistic elements from hip-hop subcultures that are distinct from ASAP Rocky’s native New York, particularly Southern hip-hop. Later, “Live. Love. A$AP” won the BET Award for the best mixtape.

Iggy Azalea, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend, got the tattoos as a tribute to him and his album “Live. Love.” A$AP.’

ASAP Rocky
Biography Zoom: ASAP Rocky (Source: Google)

Iggy Azalea, an Australian singer and the ex-girlfriend of the rapper, got the tattoo “Live. Love. A$AP” on her fingertips.

In an interview from back in 2012, Rapstress revealed that Iggy and A$AP had taken their relationship to the next level by getting matching tattoos.

The famous Australian singer decided to show her commitment to A$AP Rocky by getting the words “Live,” “Love,” and “A$AP” tattooed on her fingers.

Azaela started the tattoo-removal process back in 2014. She is currently engaged to NBA player Nick Young. Her reps have not confirmed if the tattoos have been completely removed, although many viewers believe they are due to the recent photographs.

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