Andrew Santino

Many actors and actresses today are attempting to date without getting married. At first, Andrew Santino intended to do exactly that—be in a romantic relationship with someone without planning to get married.

But after meeting the right one, he had a change of heart.

So, who is this comedian’s wife? Who Andrew dates and how far their relationship develops are topics of great interest to many people. Let’s look at Andrew Santino’s rumored relationships below.

Regarding Andrew Santino’s Wife

Andrew Santino just so happened to have a married existence. He had initially had no intention of matching, according to a podcast conversation with Whitney Cummings.

Even Nevertheless, the comic had developed feelings for his better half. Additionally, Andrew made no references to any indications of his wife’s name or identity. For the time being, he has decided to keep their connection a secret.

We couldn’t learn anything about the wife, not even by searching via his podcast. The way Andrew shielded his wife from the public was excellent.

It has been four years since Andrew and his wife, who started off as friends, exchanged vows to become husband and wife.

He added that he and she had a committed relationship. All that would be required to make things right is a simple apology.

Even if Andrew and his wife did argue, it would only be because of a miscommunication.

The doubters who claimed that Andrew Santiano is gay could be silenced by this news. Andrew certainly knows how to keep his marital life private so as to avoid any unneeded criticism.

It’s also possible that his wife dislikes the media’s intrusion into her personal space.

Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger
Biography Zoom: Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger (Source: Google)

How did Andrew decide to marry her?

The comedian shared details of how he eventually wed his beloved. It was made public during an interview with the Good For You podcast hosted by Whitney Cummings.

As a result, Andrew and his wife were at first close friends before they quickly began dating as they warmed to one another.

Even though Andrew and his wife are falling in love, they don’t always have time to spend together.

Time seemed to be incredibly scarce for them because they were so focused on their individual occupations. Perhaps because of it, Andrew and his future wife had no intention of getting married.

But there is a reason why Andrew and his wife finally got married now. It comes to an end during a session of therapy with a therapist they had previously seen.

They were visiting the therapist due to a number of issues. When they arrived, Andrew claimed he noticed something in her that led him to believe his future bride was the perfect choice.

It’s interesting that both of them went to a therapist only to discover that they disliked the therapist’s vibes because of a problem.

He would even quip that their shared dislike of therapists would strengthen their friendship.

Additionally, after several hour-long sessions, the therapist, Andrew, and his wife all remained silent for a short while.

When the yelling started outside the therapist’s office, Andrew and his wife both burst into hysterics.

They immediately realized that they both have the same sense of humor as a result. At that point, Andrew also understood that his date was a fantastic fit for him.

Andrew and his wife came to the realization that they had a sense of humor, such as hating the therapist’s vibe, and so he made the decision to wed her.

Has Sarah Bolger and Andrew Santino ever been married?

No, is the response. Sarah Bolger and Andrew Santino are not wed, despite the fact that they have been seen together frequently.

According to Show Biz Cast, they were seen together at the Directors Guild of America premiere of FXX’s “Dave.”

Sarah and Andrew were dressed the same, their wrists bound around the waists of the other. They appeared to be in perfect harmony while they were at the event. The fans loved their chemistry as well.

Andrew sported jeans, a black shirt, and blueprints. Sarah, meanwhile, looked stunning in a shimmering black dress that was just above the knee length.

Additionally, Sarah styled her hair loosely, which complemented her clothing extremely well.

It is regrettable that they are not wed despite the fact that they appeared to be a beautiful couple. Sarah only came to the event to support her friends’ impending 2020 television program.

Is it true that Andrew Santino is gay?

Being a comedian, Andrew naturally makes jokes around other people. Like the previous time, the rumors that Andrew is gay were greatly exaggerated after he shared a selfie of himself with fellow comic Chris D’Elia.

Since they first met in 2018, Andrew and Chris have been seen as being quite close. The couple shared their Instagram engagement announcement on April 20, 2018, along with their wedding plans.

This news is obviously a hoax. Given that the two were comedians, it is evident.

The first indication that Andrew was gay was his portrayal of Sally’s gay brother in the 2014 season of the American comedy series How I Met Your Dad.

He also made fun of himself by claiming that he was gay as a child. It raises questions about his sexual orientation, and many people ultimately label him as gay.

We can say with certainty that he is not gay despite all of these accusations and despite the fact that he has only recently disclosed his connection with his real wife.

Andrew Santino
Biography Zoom: Andrew Santino
(Source: Google)

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