Paula Jones

Does Paula Jones’s marriage to Steven Mark McFadden still exist?

In the 1990s, Paula Jones garnered a lot of attention. Because of it, her personal and professional lives were in complete disarray.

Jones was going through a lot, including a lawsuit with the most powerful man in the USA at the time and getting divorced from her first husband.

She is currently content with her second husband, Steven Mark McFadden. After the 1990s scandal, the couple has been together for almost 20 years and is now enjoying a quiet existence.

Jones and McFadden were neighbors before they started dating. In 1998, they first connected during a housewarming celebration.

McFadden was then employed by a construction firm. Jones’s initial divorce was followed quickly by her relationship with McFadden.

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Paula Jones and Steven Mark McFadden, her second husband

Jones stated of their relationship’s beginning, “He’s bashful, and I was kind of shy, too. Since then, we have been dating.

Deseret News reports that they got married in October 2001. In the Villa Marre residence in downtown Little Rock, Jones wed a second time.

The pair has a son together and has been married for more than 20 years. Two of Jones’ children, whom she had with her previous husband, have McFadden as a stepfather as well.

Paula Jones
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Most have been involved in a variety of controversies

Some major and damaging and some little and trivial. Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was one of the leaders that had a disappointing tenure in that position.

Many women, particularly his staff, accused Clinton of sexual harassment. One of them was Jones.
When he was the governor of Arkansas, she alleged that the former president had harassed her. In 1994, she filed a lawsuit, although Clinton vigorously refuted all of the allegations.

While she was pursuing a case against President Bill Clinton, Paula Jones was married to her first husband, Stephen.

While she was pursuing a case against President Bill Clinton, Paula Jones was married to her first husband, Stephen.  

Four years of litigation eventually resulted in a settlement. Jones’ case would be dropped if Clinton paid $850,000, according to Clinton. The judge ultimately decided that Jones would receive $200,000 and use the remaining funds to cover her legal costs.

Clinton, however, continues to refute the claims of sexual assault and harassment. Jones was wed to Stephen, her first husband, throughout all of these legal disputes, and the two of them have two kids together.

Their marriage reportedly suffered as a result of the lawsuit and trial. The two allegedly disagreed on Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit’s approach.

As a result, the couple’s seven-year marriage came to an end. They initially stated that they had a chance of getting back together after their separation in February 1999.

However, Stephen divorced his spouse in June 1999. He cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of their breakup.

He also requested joint legal and physical custody of their kids. Jones and McFadden moved in together shortly after getting divorced.

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