Dolly Martinez

Dolly Martinez’s upbringing was anything but glamorous, and the reality star blames her father’s absence for many of her unsuccessful relationships.

Dolly claims that her father passed up raising his child in favor of living on the “streets.” He overdosed on drugs to kill himself, which left the TLC star with permanent psychological problems.

Due to Dolly’s inability to manage the pregnancy that followed her broken marriage, her mother was granted custody of her daughter.

Due to her weight, Dolly Martinez battles with breathing issues, food addiction, mobility, hygiene, congestive heart failure, and other issues.

Dolly utilized food as a coping strategy as a child after her father left the home for his addiction. In kindergarten, Dolly was also given the diagnoses of ADD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder.

Dolly Martinez
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Dolly Martinez and Her Mother Have a Tense Relationship

Dolly experiences stress eating as a result of her tumultuous history with her mother, Staci. Ms. Staci has battled her weight for many years and believes bariatric surgery would help her daughter’s health problems.

Dolly must follow a rigorous diet as prescribed by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, and Staci kept a careful eye on her daughter’s calorie intake.

Dolly continued to violate the doctor’s advice and eat unhealthy meals, which led to frequent arguments between mother and daughter.

Dolly abruptly moved away in defiance of her mother’s severe rules. She spent the night in a shelter before returning to her divorced husband’s home.

Homeless and Deaf Boyfriend

Dolly Martinez got to know Phillip, a deaf and homeless guy, as she spent the night in a shelter.

The couple quickly moved into a motel room together thanks to Phillip’s disability payments and food stamps after falling in love at first sight.

The food addict, however, has suffered a serious setback and health danger as a result of this choice.

Dolly is consuming high-calorie and sweet foods at the motel, therefore Dr. Nowzaradan opposes her choice to leave her mother’s care.

When Phillip and Dolly looked for a house, it turned out to be a run-down building full of other individuals because they are both unstable.

Dolly’s erratic living environment affected her eating patterns, thus Dr. Nowzaradan declined to perform weight loss surgery on her.

The Houston doctor advised her to seek therapy and accept responsibility for her actions after which he would revisit her situation in a year if she loses weight.

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Dolly Martinez with her boyfriend
Biography Zoom: Dolly Martinez with her boyfriend (Source: Google)

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