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Born Angus McKinnon Young, Australian rock ‘n’ roll legend Angus Young is best known for being the lead guitarist and co-founder of the hard rock group AC/DC. In 1973, he and his late musician brother Malcolm Young co-founded the band AC/DC.

Young is renowned for his energetic performances, his interpretation of Chuck Berry’s duckwalk, and his stage attire that resembles a school uniform.

He was ranked 24th among the 100 best guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine because of his outstanding guitar playing. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted him and other members of his hard rock band in 2003.

The rock star is well known for leading a quiet life. He hardly ever discusses his family in front of the press. However, many who have followed his life over the years might be aware that he is married. Young is married to Ellen Van Lochem, also known as Ellen Young, a stunning Dutch woman. Meet Ellen Young, the wife of Angus Young, and learn a few of her details below.

Ellen’s friend introduced her to her husband

Before meeting the love of her life, Ellen Young, the wife of Angus Young, was not well-known. She was just a regular woman, completely uninterested in fame. Ellen only became well-known after getting married to Angus Young, one of the best musicians ever. She was introduced to Angus by Adrian Vandenberg, a Dutch rock guitarist who was a friend from college.

Vandenberg shared on the White Line Fever podcast in 2018 that he had introduced Ellen Young to AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. He claimed to be friends with Ellen Young, the wife of Angus Young. When Vandenberg attended a university in the Dutch city of Arnhem, they were acquainted with one another. He frequently ran across Ellen at rock concerts and bars.

Vandenberg followed by mentioning that he was a member of the rock group TEASER, which released an album. He and his band were allowed to support AC/DC on a few occasions. Near the town where he was attending school and where Mrs. Young also lived, he had one of his shows. She asked him to add her to the guest list, and it was successful. Ellen called Adrian a few weeks later and informed him that she was with Angus Young. A few years after they first met in 1980, Angus and Ellen got married.

Loves giving her husband orders

Ellen Young
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Since Ellen Young wed her better half, Angus Young, it has been more than 40 years. But their love remains as strong today as it did then. Their mutual respect and understanding are probably the causes of their long-lasting connection. When necessary, they both give each other instructions, and they both comply. Ellen, Angus Young’s better half, enjoys giving orders to her husband whenever she thinks he needs them.

A photographer from the Guardian magazine once requested a photo with Angus and his bandmates. Since Angus and the rest of the AC/DC band are all very short, Ellen started to worry about how her husband would look in the picture. She, therefore, instructed Angus to stand on the chair since she believed he would otherwise seem foolish. Without question, Angus followed her orders and got up on a chair to give the impression that he was higher than his true height of 5 feet 2 inches.

It demonstrates that Angus largely complies with his wife’s instructions. We also hope Ellen possesses the same dedication and loyalty. We wish the pair all the best in the years to come and pray that their bond will endure till death do them part.

Co-owns residences in many global locations

Australia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are among the three nations where Angus and his wife Ellen Young have property. They currently live in an amazing house at Kangaroo Point, New South Wales.

Similar to this, Ellen’s hometown of Aalten, Netherlands, where Angus and Ellen live, is Dutch. A decade ago, they constructed their fictitious mansion in Aalten. The happily married pair, who are without children, also has a home in the UK, which they frequently travel to in their free time from work.

Additionally, like Angus, Ellen Young, his devoted wife, appears to desire to shield her personal and professional lives from media scrutiny. As a result, the general public is not aware of what she works for a living at this time. We anticipate that Angus Young will soon give his admirers more information about her so they may get to know her better. For the time being, Ellen Young, Angus Young’s wife, leads a contented existence free of pointless media turmoil.

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