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Everything Regarding Christopher Harvest’s Love Life: Relationships, Marriage, and More

Christopher Harvest

Actress Vivica A Fox’s ex-husband is Christopher Harvest. Fox, Harvest’s ex-wife, is well-known for her breakout performances in the blockbuster movies Independence Day and Set It Off, both directed by Roland Emmerich.

Additionally, Vivica is better known for her role as Vernita Green in Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Vol.

For almost four years, Harvest and Vivica were wed. The actress’s romance, which had the potential to be like Cinderella’s, ended up being unbalanced and too demanding. The couple’s romance finally fizzled out, and Chris lost his unique Hollywood identity.

Before meeting Vivica A. Fox, who was Christopher Harvest?

Even more puzzling than his life as Vivica Fox’s husband before that is Harvest’s past. So much so that not even the actor’s ex-birth husband’s information has been decrypted.

One can conclude that Harvest is simply another long-forgotten person who previously enjoyed notoriety due to their connections to a Hollywood star.

Some think he was a college athlete based on his incredible height. But at this point, there is hardly any support for that.

When Christopher Harvest First Met Vivica

According to Vivica in her book “Every Day I’m Hustling,” it was 1996 and the sixteenth day of the month of December. The actress mentions returning to Los Angeles after wrapping up Soul Food.

Vivica claims that she and her friends decided to go out to celebrate her return home, and they went to the Beverly Hills nightclub Bar One.

This six-foot-nine guy approaches them as they are talking and catching up on the various narratives of each other’s lives.

Harvest, the man, asked, “Are you, Vivica Fox?” to which his future wife replied, “Yeah.” Harvest was the one who had approached them.

The Sixx-Nine remarked after that, Wow, you look much more attractive now.

Even though she admits to being flattered, Vivica added, “You’re a warm brother. yet I must leave. She then stepped onto the dance floor and walked away from him.

After some time, Chris purchased twenty roses from the street while Fox struck up a discussion with another man.

Harvest nevertheless intervened and began giving Vivica each of the twenty roses individually. It had been a very long time since she had been wooed, according to the Soul Food star.

With a platinum ring, Christopher Harvest proposed to Vivica A Fox

Chris was permitted to move into Vivica’s home four months after they first met. She claims that at the time, she was sincerely in love.

On December 19, 1997, one year after they initially met, Harvest got down on one knee and proposed to her. In her memoir, Vivica admits that she had been anticipating a ring.

When Harvest brought Fox out to dinner on the night of the proposal, Fox describes how terrible the meal was. The Kingdom Come actress claims she was waiting for him to kneel the entire time they were at the restaurant.

Harvest, on the other hand, didn’t act in this way at the diner, and as they were driving home, his ex-girlfriend was going through all of these emotions: denial, rage, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Upon arrival at their house, Vivica noticed that it was decorated with candles and roses. Chris presented the ring after he finally sat down.

Fox began to cry so hard that she was unable to distinguish the color of the ring. She assumed it was gold, a material she had detested since she was young.

Shaq And Magic Johnson Attend Their Wedding?

The couple wed in 1998. The ex-wife adds that Vivica and Chris wed exactly one year later, maintaining their fidelity to the traditional December 19.

They decided on the Park Plaza in Los Angeles as their location. It was an Art Deco palace that was used as a location for extravagant Cinderella weddings and as a set for old-fashioned Hollywood movies.

The actress, who was born in Indiana, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage decorated with flowers, white organza, and shimmering mini-lights.

Vivica describes how a paparazzi falling from a tree hampered the timing of her grand arrival.

The bride’s very first fashion show manager, Madame King, was one of the 260 guests the couple invited. In addition to Holly Robinson Peete, Lela Rochon, and Tisha Campbell-Martin, they also had Magic Johnson and Shaq.

The bride, an actress, wore a veil, a crown, and an ivory Escada gown. Escada also had six of her bridesmaids. They were married to Jeffrey Johnson, an Arlington High School classmate who had gone on to become a minister.

Christopher Harvest
Biography Zoom: Christopher Harvest (Source: Google)

What led to Christopher Harvest and Vivica A. Fox’s divorce?

When Harvest’s ex-wife Vivica A. Fox had a conversation with hip-hop writer DJ Vlad in May 2021, she disclosed that the real cause for their divorce in 2002 was money.

The actress from Independence claimed that peer pressure and a rush to get married were the real reasons she agreed to get married.

She also talked about how stressful it was to “pay all the bills all the time” and be the family’s sole provider.

According to Fox in the interview, she only chose to walk down the aisle for Harvest because “everyone else was doing it.”

To be quite honest with you, I just wanted one too while everyone else was enjoying their Cinderella day.

Peer pressure affected me,” added the Kill Bill actor.

Vivica went on to say that Harvest, her ex-husband, didn’t pursue things with the same zeal she did for her profession after the marriage.

She acknowledged that managing all of the bills had a negative impact on their marriage. Fox had to come to the realization that she did not want to be the family’s primary provider.

After splitting with the R&B singer in 2002, Fox started dating 50 Cent, the rapper she frequently referred to as the “love of her life.”

However, marriage was also short-lived, as Harvest’s ex-wife afterward started dating Atlanta club promoter Omar “Slim” White.

Even after their divorce, Vivica continued to assist Christopher

Vivica alleges that she supported her ex-husband during their divorce. She was getting ready for Kill Bill Vol. 1 during their final year of marriage.

When Viv returned from her filming-related training in China, she says she wanted to part ways with Harvest as quickly and amicably as she could.

The actress claimed to have equipped the apartment completely and paid the rent for the entire year. For him, she also deposited $50,000 in the bank.

And they were over after that. Fox asserts that she didn’t detest the man; rather, she simply didn’t want to be his wife any longer.

Where Is He Now? Has He Remarried?

Christopher Harvest, Vivica A Fox’s ex-husband, has vanished into obscurity over the years, at least in the eyes of the media.

Even Fox hasn’t mentioned her tall ex-partner recently. There haven’t been many updates in that area either, despite the fact that he was introduced as a novice musician.

In addition, given the aforementioned fact, not much of his marriage life can be recognized. Although it’s feasible that Harvest has a family of his own given that he could be in his late 50s.

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