Projekt Melody

A 3D anime-style live broadcaster or VTuber named Projekt Melody hasn’t revealed her face on Reddit yet. She first appeared on Twitter in July 2019, and since the beginning of 2020, she has been live streaming on Twitch and Chaturbate.

Projekt Melody, who describes herself as an AI, first appeared on Twitter in July 2019 as a broken chat program that later developed into consciousness.

A virtual streamer named Projekt Melody has revealed the next phase of her grownup career. Her publicly accessible OnlyFans account has been officially opened. The identity of Projekt Melody has once again become a mystery thanks to the latest shift, but who is really hiding behind the mask?

Who Is Projekt Melody on Reddit, Face Reveal?

Reddit has not yet seen a face reveal by Projekt Melody. It is possible that Projekt Melody’s genuine identity and face will finally be revealed as a result of the appearance of OnlyFans. However, a deeper look reveals that this is very false.


Projekt’s OnlyFans Melody incorporated 3D images into the format of her broadcast. She also has identities that are similar in her area of expertise, sexual entertainment. There are no real fans on her OnlyFans page.

Anonymity is highly valued by a large number of online YouTubers and broadcasters. All they want is to be recognized as their digital avatar. Many of them worry that expressing their true selves may alienate their audience.

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What is the Age of Projekt Melody?

The precise age of Projekt Melody is unknown. Additionally, her age is not mentioned in her Wikipedia entry.

In a similar vein, she hasn’t shared any photos of herself, from which we can infer the streamer’s age.

In late 2020, The Melody joined as a founding member of VShojo, one of the first VTuber talent agencies functioning in the West. She regards herself as a synthetic intellect.

More about Projekt Melody

On February 7, 2020, Projekt Melody made her Chaturbate debut, according to her Wikipedia page. In the three days following her passing, her Twitter following increased from 700 to over 20,000. Melody uses a Bluetooth-enabled bullet vibrator to respond to donations from the audience while she is broadcasting live.

Due to Projekt Melody’s popularity, some webcam models criticized her for not being as vulnerable as real models and questioned if she belonged on Chaturbate.


Project Melody supporters adore the “wittiness and silliness of Melody as a concept,” according to “jyl5555”, a subreddit moderator.

On November 4, Twitch suspended Melody for a second time due to a copyright complaint made by DigitrevX regarding Melody’s use of their model. The following day, the suspension was lifted.

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