Fai Khadra

Fai Khadra’s Nose Job: A Detailed Analysis

If you’ve become wholly engrossed in the Kardashian universe, you might be curious about Fai Khadra.

A close friend of Kendall Jenner, Fai has frequented places frequented by the Kardashians, and after the two of them spent vacations in Paris and Utah, there have been rumors of a possible love involvement.

In the meantime, after seeing his previous photos, supporters recently couldn’t help but question if Fai Khadra got plastic surgery. The majority appear to be supportive of his alleged nose job. Let’s examine the specifics in depth.

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Speculations about Fai Khadra’s plastic surgery: Did He Get a Nose Job?

Kardashian-Jenner fans stay informed about the family’s closest pals in addition to the Kardashians. Kendall Jenner’s well-known BFF Fai Khadra is a huge star in his own right and has amassed more than nose Job

But when a recently discovered vintage photo of him showed him looking completely different, admirers immediately noticed the change and suggested plastic surgery.

The old photo of Fai was posted on Reddit, and his followers are convinced he has had a nose job. The image, taken in March 2013, showed him wearing sunglasses while seated in his automobile.

On Reddit, fans started voicing their genuine sentiments. Someone remarked:

He grew hotter and hotter. He was already a 10/10, for real.

Another person praised the plasNose JoNose Jobbtic surgery right away.

However, his new nose looks terrific. The ideal nose was given to him by his surgeon.

The third person said,

I like this nose. He resembles a less obnoxious Jean-Ralphio.

There didn’t seem to be any question as to whether the KUWTK star had undergone surgery. But not all of them liked Khadra’s surgical transformation. One of them wrote in the post, “I liked him before the nose job.

Whether he has plastic surgery or not, the 28-year-old looks wonderful, and we adore seeing him in photos with the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Is Kylie Jenner and Fai Khadra dating?

Fai Khadra
Biography Zoom: Fai Khadra (Source: Google)


Kylie uploaded a series of photos on Instagram in August, but the sources close to the couple say they’re simply friends.

The Kardashian-Jenner family enjoys leaving the world in suspense, especially when it comes to their love lives.

Despite a series of photos the pair uploaded on Instagram showing the two of them together at an unidentified rooftop event in France, sources have revealed Kylie Jenner and Palestinian model Fai Khadra are not dating.

Despite appearing to be quite close, sources close to the youngest self-made millionaire have told TMZ that Kylie and Fai Khadra are not dating. He is a good family friend who has spent more time in the Kardashian-Jenner family’s inner circle since the pandemic started.

The model was raised in Dubai after being born in Saudi Arabia. He is Simi and Haze Khadra’s brother, two prominent figures on social media. The twins are well-known for their DJ skills and social media presence, with an impressive 1.1 million Instagram followers.

After the 28-year-old model accompanied Kylie and her friends on a recent trip to Utah, where numerous images of the two were shot together, rumors started circulating back in July. The two enjoyed conquering the slopes, soaking up some of the desert sun, and posing for the best Instagram photos.

Fai was also seen hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian while Kendall Jenner’s “non-date” to the celebrations.

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Kylie Jenner sent a birthday greeting to Fai Khadra.

Kylie Jenner’s bond with Fai Khadra has recently sparked a lot of debate among her fans.

They had a few trips together, including one to Paris and one to the Utah desert, which led to some rumors about a possible relationship.

On the other hand, TMZ claims that the pair are only buddies.

On September 9, Fai was 29 years old, and like any great buddy, Kylie made sure to wish him a happy birthday. To commemorate the occasion, the beauty entrepreneur shared a series of brand-new videos and images of the couple on Instagram, including some that appeared to have been taken inside Kylie’s private plane during one of their many flights together.

Khadra has been a part of the Kardashian-Jenner family for a long time and has always been connected to Kylie and Kendall. She is also Kourtney Kardashian’s longtime pal.

The 23-year-old posted numerous photos from her trip to the Utah desert back in July, some of which included the Palestinian model.

Then, last month, Kylie went on a quick trip to Paris, where she was joined by Fai and a few other pals.

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