Shay Johnson

Shay Johnson, a star of Love & Hip-Hop, is expecting her first child. The native of Atlanta announced her pregnancy with a girl via Instagram.

Shay Johnson, 38, who was wearing a gold velvet robe and a gold tasseled headdress, made her baby bulge visible on the cover of Kontrol Magazine’s Mompreneur edition.

Shay received assistance from her family and friends to conceal her pregnancy. She expressed gratitude for her loved ones’ assistance in helping her keep the news quiet in her post.

In the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop, she intends to discuss her pregnancy. Drama, though, surrounds the new mother.

On social media, Shay’s ex-boyfriend, rapper Scrappy from Atlanta, is rumored to be the child’s father. The issue is that Scrappy is currently wed to Bambi, a different Love & Hip-hop celebrity.

If Scrappy is having an outside baby on Bam with Shay, there’s no way they ever quit f’n smh, one fan stated in a comment.

Not the remarks on Instagram claiming that Shay Love’s child is Scrappy’s when he and Bambi are making progress. Yet another person spoke up.

Another individual remarked, “Bambi, file for divorce, Scrappy got Shay pregnant. He’s terrible! “Scrappy and Shay both deserve their ass beat for this,” another said.

Shay Johnson during her pregnancy
Biography Zoom: Shay Johnson during her pregnancy (Source: Instagram)

Scrappy and his wife Bambi appeared to have a temporary breakup over the summer

They talked about divorce on a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Before they had a major fight over rent, Bambi said she informed Scrappy it would be a good idea for them to “probably” get a divorce.

After much argument between the two, during which they claimed they did not enjoy each other’s energy, Bambi ultimately forced Scrappy to go.

In earlier episodes, Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, also declared that the pair was on the verge of divorcing.

After eventually repairing their marriage, Scrappy and Bambi now appear to be content. However, Bambi and Scrappy were no longer together when Shay allegedly became pregnant seven or eight months ago.

Shay originally made an appearance in the first two seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as a supporting cast member as Lil Scrappy’s “friend with benefits” while they were dating Erica Dixon.

Shay had a secret crush on Scrappy back then, but he would only admit to having sex with him occasionally.

He later broke up with Shay in order to pursue a committed relationship with his baby mother, Erica Dixon, despite Momma Dee’s efforts to arrange a match.

Shay shot scenes for season three, but following a violent incident that occurred while filming—during which she smashed a bottle over a woman’s face in a nightclub brawl—she was fired from the cast, and her parts were put on the scrap heap.

Shay Johnson
Biography Zoom: Shay Johnson (Source: Instagram)

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