Tammy Slaton

Fans sobbed during Tammy Slaton’s mother Darlene’s emotional speech during the 1000-lb Sisters season 3 finale.

Tammy leaves for rehab after gaining 1,000 lbs.

The entire family gathers to say goodbye to Tammy as she leaves for rehab in a recent episode of “1000-lb Sisters.”

The Slaton sister ultimately made the decision to enter rehab to address her eating disorder.

They discovered an Ohio institution with Dr. Smith’s assistance that would be perfect for Tammy due to her weight. Some of Tammy’s family members offered encouraging remarks to her before she left.

Tammy Slaton
Biography Zoom: Tammy Slaton (Source: Instagram)

Darlene’s Sincere Letter to the 1000-Lb Sisters

Some people were astonished when Darlene, Tammy’s mother, spoke honestly. As she leaves for recovery, she informed her daughter that the “third time was a charm.”

Tammy has always been intelligent and was the first member of their family to receive an honors degree, according to Darlene.

According to Tammy’s mother, this is her chance to shine and triumph over all of her difficulties.

Tammy’s most recent stays in rehab were unsuccessful because the celebrity made no effort to lose weight.

Fans Moved to Tears After 1000-Lb Sisters

Some TV viewers acknowledged that Darlene’s remarks brought them to tears. Many believed Darlene didn’t care much for her children since they held her responsible for Amy and Tammy’s unhealthy lifestyle.

Darlene delivered her statement with love and appreciation for Tammy, in contrast to the strict mother viewers are used to.

This time, instead of speaking down to her, she supported her daughter by expressing her pride in her.

The 1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy stops breathing

Chris, Tammy’s brother, and his wife drove Tammy to the recovery center after they said their tearful goodbyes.

Tammy’s health, however, took a turn for the worse when they were traveling with Chris and Brittany.

While en route to treatment, the TLC star’s oxygen levels dropped as low as 65, necessitating an emergency hospital transport.

Fortunately, Tammy got well and returned right away to treatment. One fan of the “1000-lb Sisters” expressed their pride in Tammy for returning to rehab.

At the conclusion of the episode, I was so terrified that she wouldn’t survive. I’m overjoyed to learn that she woke up and returned to the treatment center.

Tammy Slaton
Biography Zoom: Tammy Slaton (Source: Instagram)

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