First Day Out On Private Jet After Five Years In Prison For Finesse2Times


Rapper Finesse2tymes from Tennessee received a five-year prison term in Arkansas in 2018 after being found guilty of a federal weapons offense.

A week before a shooting at an unconnected event at a Little Rock nightclub where he was performing, he was taken into custody carrying a gun.

Ricky Hampton, also known by his stage as Finese2Tymes, received a sentence in Little Rock.

He initially entered a guilty plea to having a gun in a nightclub in Forrest City, in eastern Arkansas. After two weeks, he withdrew his motion to retract his guilty plea.

After spending five years in prison, Finese2Tymes was finally let out, and he did it in great fashion. The rapper was iced out on his first day out, which was in a private jet.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, in 2017, Hampton was giving a performance at the Power Ultra Lounge when gunfire broke out. No one perished, although there were more than 20 injuries.

Finesse2tymes is a rapper and music artist best known for his album “Hustle & Flow.” He has collaborated with the record labels Finessegang and Coopdeville.

Fans can anticipate a comeback in the music industry now that he has been released from prison.

Finesse2tymes on private jet
Biography Zoom: Finesse2tymes on a private jet (Source: Google)

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