Giorgina Karrie Foy

Giorgina Karrie Foy: Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Relationship

Who is Giorgina Karrie Foy?- Biography

Giorgina Karrie Foy is the mother of Mackenzie Foy, a famous American actor, and model. Giorgina Karrie Foy’s daughter played Renesmee Cullen, Kristen Stewart’s onscreen daughter in Parts 1 and 2 of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and she is best known for that role.

Additionally, her kid played Matthew McConaughey’s daughter in Christopher Nolan’s science fiction film Interstellar.

For her exceptional performances, Mackenzie has been nominated for and won a number of awards. She began modeling when she was three and acting when she was nine.

She has additionally been seen in commercials for Pantene, Blackberry, AT&T, Kohls, and Burger King, as well as a 2010 Disney campaign for Barbie.

Giorgina Karrie Foy: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Giorgina Karrie Foy is the mother of well-known actress Mackenzie Foy, so little is known about her early years. However, the source claims that Giorgina Karrie Foy is a shy person. She’s not interested in being caught on video.

Mackenzie Foy, who was born on November 10th, 2000, will be 22 years old in 2023. Los Angeles is where she was born and raised.

Mackenzie Foy is a white woman who was born and raised in the British Isles. Christianism is Mackenzie Foy’s chosen religion. She is a citizen of the United States.

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Quick Facts of Giorgina Karrie Foy

Celebrity Name Giorgina Karrie Foy
Popular For Mother of Mackenzie Foy
Profession NA
Estimated Net Worth NA

Birthday and Zodiac

Age NA
Birth Date NA
Birth Sign NA
Birth Place NA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

Giorgina Karrie Foy: Profession, Career

Giorgina Karrie Foy‘s daughter Mackenzie Foy in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn portrayed Renesmee Cullen.

Based on the four novels by American author Stephenie Meyer, Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga is a collection of five love stories with fantastical elements.

The film stars Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart. Over 3.3 billion dollars have been made from the series globally.

The film, which was produced by Wyck Godfrey and distributed by Temple Hill Entertainment, was directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

McKenzie plays Clara Stahlbaum in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018).

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a 2018 American fantasy adventure movie that was directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston and was based on a screenplay by Ashleigh Powell.

Young Murph is portrayed by McKenzie in the movie Interstellar. Interstellar, a science fiction movie from 2014, was directed, co-written, and co-produced by Christopher Nolan.

The cast includes Michael Caine, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, and Matthew McConaughey. Future Earth will become increasingly unsustainable, leading to widespread agricultural disease and a second Dust Bowl.

She played Cindy Perron in the 2013 supernatural movie The Conjuring. In 2013, James Wan’s supernatural horror thriller The Conjuring, which was also written by Chad and Carey W. Hayes, was released in the US. It serves as the opening chapter of The Conjuring Universe series.

Relationship Status of Giorgina Karrie Foy?

Giorgina Karrie Foy was married to truck driver Andrew Steven Foy. Before the birth of their daughter, they didn’t live luxurious life.

In Los Angeles, the couple was able to lead a modest existence. Finally, on November 10 of the year 2000, they had a beautiful daughter named Mackenzie Christine Foy, also known as Mackenzie Foy.

She was her family’s lucky charm. Three years after giving birth, she received a modeling offer, helping their family’s finances. She gave her family a luxurious lifestyle as a result.

What is Giorgina Karrie Foy’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Giorgina Karrie Foy’s net worth is unknown because she is the mother of a well-known actress, but her daughter is worth $3 million.

Giorgina Karrie Foy: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Giorgina Karrie Foy, who is of medium height. She has pale skin and an angular nose. Her hair is long, smooth, and brownish. Her grayish eyes stand out well against her face’s diamond shape. She has light eyebrows and a thin lip.

Social Media Presence

Giorgina Karrie Foy has 71 people following on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @GiorginaFoy.

Mackenzie Foy, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, is also active on Twitter, where she has 68.2 thousand followers under the handle @mackenziefoy. Her claim has been validated.


  • Trivia Celebrity Mackenzie Foy’s mother is Karrie Foy.
  • She is a very reclusive person.
  • She avoids divulging private information in public settings.
  • There is no activity on her Instagram profile.
  • She is an American citizen of the White ethnicity.
  • She also hasn’t revealed how much money she really makes.

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