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Griffin Santopietro’s Weight Loss Story

Griffin Santopietro

Find out all the specifics behind Griffin Santopietro’s apparent weight decrease in Cobra Kai season 3. The 14-year-old actor, who portrays Anthony LaRusso, is a cast member of the Netflix series.

On the martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai, Griffin Santopietro played Anthony LaRusso, the son of Daniel and Amanda LaRusso, and is best recognized for this role.

Griffin appears in the show’s supporting cast in each of its three seasons. Unlike his father, who instructs martial art, he has little interest in karate. His days as a compulsive video player, meanwhile, might be coming to an end shortly.

In his conversation with Popternative, he mentioned that Anthony LaRusso’s role would eventually get more screen time.

Outside of the workplace, the actor has recently been the focus of internet discussions about weight loss. Let’s get to the information without further ado.

Griffin Santopietro’s Loss of Weight How Much Weight Did Cobra Kai’s, Anthony Actor Lose?

Griffin Santopietro
Biography Zoom: Griffin Santopietro (Source: Google)

Griffin Santopietro’s appearance in 2021 is very different from the young actor who played him in Cobra Kai series 1. The viewers of the show have noticed that Griffin has lost weight over the past few years.

While his appearances in season 3 may be vanishingly few, viewers have complained that Anthony doesn’t even remotely resemble himself in the Netflix series. In addition, others claimed that he had changed in some way, including his voice and eyes.

Griffin now plays more of a supporting role in the Cobra Kai series, but it’s possible that in the following seasons, his role will receive more screen time.

YouTube users appear to believe that Anthony LaRusso joining his father in practicing karate will involve Griffin’s weight loss as a plot point.

Griffin stated in an interview with Popternative:

I’d say there will undoubtedly be an expansion on all fronts. Even for things, I don’t understand, I merely have faith in the writers’ expertise and clarity of purpose.

We’ll have to wait and watch if the actor speaks out in the ensuing days about the alteration in his physique.

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Griffin Santopietro in Cobra Kai Season 3 Has Massively Grown Up

The third season of Cobra Kai has a lot riding on it. The show, which debuted on YouTube Premium and is now available on Netflix, takes place more than 30 years after The Karate Kid’s exploits.

Ralph Macchio’s character, Daniel LaRusso, and William Zabka’s character, Johnny Lawrence, are both unable to forget what happened during the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament.

This implies that they all become accustomed to training a new generation of martial artists in both fighting and morality in their dojos. At least, that was the intention.

Given that Daniel will be forced to return to his Okinawa, Japan, home as a way for the show to pay tribute to Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), Season 3 hopes to see even more growth in these characters.

For everyone, even Daniel’s son Anthony (Griffin Santopietro), who was notably missing for much of season 2, there are some significant changes in place.

Although it’s unclear how crucial Anthony’s role will be in season 3, Daniel’s son will inevitably appear at some point. When viewers first see him, they’ll be pretty astonished.

Anthony LaRusso has nothing in common with his karate-loving father.

He prefers to spend the day at home playing video games, and with minimal character development, it is understandable why his character has been gone for the majority of season 2. However, anything can change in the third season.

According to a recent Reddit post, Griffin Santopietro, the actor who plays Anthony, has undergone a significant shift throughout the series.

He no longer looks as tubby, and it appears that puberty is beginning for him. This implies that Anthony might indeed practice karate.

Now that he’s in good shape, it would be simple to imagine him joining one of the dojos and following in his father’s footsteps.

While some attempted to make sense of the situation, fans were eager to offer their support in the comments area.

One admirer wrote,

Fast in terms of appearance, but only typical in terms of puberty.

Season one was recorded in 2017, Season two in 2018, and Season three in 2019. Given that season 4 will begin production in 2021, we may expect to witness a significant increase in actor appearances.

The second observed

He no longer had full cheeks.

The third was more interested in the plot:

They’re going to need a time jump to explain how these kids’ growth spurts caused them to change their appearance.

One more jest,

Funny, he now resembles a child who might be Daniel and Amanda’s.

Regardless of the physical change and the apparent weight reduction, we’re confident there will be a good reason for Anthony’s drastically different appearance in the Netflix series.

The third season of Cobra Kai will debut on Netflix on January 1st, 2021.

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