Has SSSniperWolf passed away? She Once Had a Fatal Automobile Accident


Since there are frequently a number of false stories about someone, including their death, celebrity death hoaxes are nothing new.

And SSSniperWolf is one of those whose death hoax has recently gained popularity.

People have been looking up “Did SSSniperWolf die?” online in an effort to get an answer. No, SSSniperWolf is not deceased in response to that query.

The rumors about the YouTuber’s passing are purely conjecture, as was already revealed

We don’t know who initiated these rumors yet. But you might be surprised to learn that these reports have been around for a while; they initially surfaced in 2016.

The English-American YouTuber published a video titled DRUNK DRIVER ALMOST KILLED ME on June 19, 2016.

She described in the video how a drunk driver smashed into her car, causing a tragic car accident, and how she almost died as a result.

The internet celebrity said that she had gone out late at night to get some frozen yogurt with her companions.

She was operating her vehicle when she at one point came to a stop at a red light. And I don’t know who stopped next to us, exactly next to us.

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I was just talking to Sausage [her ex-boyfriend] about changing the tune or anything, and before I knew it, I was fully forward in the car with my seatbelt fastened.

If I hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt, I probably would have perished.

“I’m sure that at that moment, I would have flown out the window or something. Although I was aware that we had been hit, I had no idea what had happened.

SSSniperWolf continued, “I just couldn’t act and felt like I was hyperventilating because I couldn’t breathe.

When she finally understood what had happened, she remarked, “We got hit and we got hit pretty hard like, it looks like slam.

The problem is that I heard the sound before it actually occurred. It sounded exactly like a shriek.

“And that’s the person who struck us, too. He struck two vehicles—my car and the automobile next to me—scraping against the other vehicle as a result.

Basically, he hit him, swerved off of him, and then hit my car while doing at least 40 mph on a two-lane highway.

“And I had my foot on the brake the entire time as it pushed my car toward the middle of the intersection.

Even though I had my foot on the brake when he hit us, the intensity of the impact was so great that it pushed us back so far that my entire body seemed to swing forward.

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She continued by outlining what took place when the police arrived

She said, “The cops spoke to the youngster; he was a 21-year-old; he claimed to have fallen asleep due to extreme exhaustion, but the cops claimed he smelled strongly of alcohol. And I was aware of it; I knew he was intoxicated or otherwise unwell.

Along with mentioning those things, SSSniperWolf also displayed video footage that she had captured at the incident, demonstrating how badly damaged her automobile was.

She was fortunate to be wearing a seatbelt since it saved her life.

On another occasion, the YouTuber once more described on June 29, 2016, how her flight with American Airlines had been a nightmare while she was returning from Los Angeles.

Thus, these two occurrences—particularly the vehicle accident—could be what sparked the death hoaxes about her. However, as was already stated, everything is a lie, and SSSniperWolf is still alive.

Despite death rumors being untrue and the YouTuber being alive, SSSniperWolf is now going through a difficult time after recently losing one of her brothers.

Her younger brother, Bakir Shelesh, is said to be her deceased sibling.

On August 9, 2022, she broke the heartbreaking news in a message on her channel’s community tab

August 11, she posted a vintage photo of herself and her late brother when they were still young children. “I really miss you. She wrote the caption “I love you.”

All that is left of SSSniperWolf’s family are her parents and two younger siblings. Ranya Shelesh is one of her sisters, while Paul Shelesh is one of her brothers.

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