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How is Hang Mioku now acting? Plastic surgery almost killed her

Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku, a former Korean model and singer born on July 8, 1963, got so anxious about plastic surgery that she put cooking oil on her face.

But her preoccupation had only harmed her appearance to the point where even her parents were unable to identify her.

Mioku, who was formerly a highly regarded figure in the Korean entertainment business for her modeling and singing skills, now finds it challenging to blend in with the modern world.

How is Hang Mioku now acting?

The good news is that Mioku is still alive and well in her late 50s. But she regrettably passes her every day, berating her fixation with treatments and plastic surgery.

She does, however, make her living at a recycled clothing boutique called The Beautiful Shop, according to Dailymail. Since the age of 28, Mioku has developed a plastic surgery addiction.

According to vintage photographs of Mioku, she had a beautiful complexion, brilliant eyes, and a grin to die for. But when she became fixated on the concept of increasing her innate attractiveness, it all changed.

When she was 28 years old, she had her first plastic surgery, and the outcome was pleasing to her. She underwent the treatment several more times on her face as a result of becoming envious and wanting more surgeries.

He was so fixated on it that he sought additional operations to get smoother skin and look more attractive. The physicians, however, disapproved of her and cautioned her about the great risk that continuing with plastic surgery could pose to her.

The physicians even declined to conduct any additional surgery on her, claiming that if she underwent another round of silicone injections, her face would grow even more distorted.

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Mioku began to perform solo plastic surgery on herself

Mioku didn’t listen to the physicians because he was obstinate, though.On her face, she first injected a bottle of market silicone. She chose to inject cooking oil on her face instead of silicone because silicone was so pricey. And that was one choice that had a profound negative impact on her life for much worse reasons.

She had intended to use cooking oil to support the plastic surgery procedure, but it didn’t work out that way, leaving her cheeks and forehead swelled and scarred.

Mioku’s slowly became so ruined that even her parents lost the ability to recognize her. Later, it was also revealed that she had a psychological condition a result of which she kept making disastrous judgments about her life.

Hang Mioku
Biography Zoom: Hang Mioku (Source: Google)

People helped her both financially and emotionally

After she suffered facial trauma and battled for survival, her tale was featured on a Korean television program, and thousands of viewers expressed their worry and contributed funds so that she could have reconstructive surgery.

She endured 10 operations and a rehabilitation surgery thanks to her wishes and financial assistance. Doctors performed such operations to remove 200 grams from her neck and 60 grams of silicone, oil, and other foreign materials from her face.

However, the damage was so severe that no reversal surgeries could restore her to her pre-plastic surgery appearance. After seeing her before and after photos, many people can no longer even claim that she is the same person.

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