Hugo Avalos Chanon

Who is Hugo Avalos Chanon?- Biography

Hugo Avalos Chanon is a well-known cleaner. Hugo Avalos Chanon also appeared on the news following his tragic passing at Interstate Meat Wholesalers on Friday, April 29, 2013.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Both the birthdate and the location of the birth of Hugo Avalos Chanon are unknown. Additionally, his astrological sign has not yet been determined. He was a resident of Southeast Portland, Oregon, and was a native of Mexico.

But he experienced the dark day. He died on April 29, 2013, when he was 41 years old. His demise was brought on by an accident at Interstate Meat Wholesalers Inc., a meat-processing facility. He has not provided any information about her family or her schooling, either.

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Quick Facts of Hugo Avalos Chanon

Full Name: Hugo Avalos Chanon
Gender: Male
Born Date: N/A
Age: N/A Years
Relationship Status: Married

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Profession, Career

He was a cleaning worker by trade. Hugo Avalos Chanon was employed by DCS Sanitation Management Inc. at the time of his engagement. This business was hired by Interstate Meat Distributors to clean the facility’s meat-processing machinery every day. On the night of his date, he was cleaning the machinery at the aforementioned meat processing facility.

To elaborate on his demise, the cleaning contractor was killed late on Friday, April 29, 2013, when he was crushed by a motorized blender. He was discovered entangled in a blender by firefighters after they were summoned to the plant just before midnight. After a day, paramedics arrived at the factory, dismantled the equipment, and took his corpse away. They investigated the material and questioned witnesses. Given that a safety hazard was cited in October, it is likely that Oregon investigators also looked through the factory’s documents.

The meat-grounding room’s machinery was not correctly secured during cleaning, according to the health Division and the inspectors. The company’s executives, according to the president, Darrin Hoy, were completely cooperative with the inspectors. Additionally, a consumer warning was directed at the factory in 2007.

Personal Life of Hugo Avalos Chanon

Regarding Hugo Avalos Chanon’s personal affairs, nothing new is known. But he is married, according to the records. He may have had a family of his own in Mexico or the United States. His wife also brought a claim against the business.

Hugo Avalos Chanon: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

It is still unclear what Hugo Avalos Chanon’s height, weight, shoe size, and other physical characteristics are. However, we learned that she has chestnut hair and that he has dark eyes.

Social Media Presence

He is no longer living, so. He, therefore, lacks a social media presence.

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