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In 2022, who will be Tom Holland’s girlfriend? Does He Have a Date?

Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland will always grab people’s attention as the enduringly renowned Spider-Man. We never seem to have enough of him and are constantly craving more!

Since his performance in The Impossible, this British actor has gained notoriety. He is well-known not only as Spider-Man but also as a gifted and entertaining individual.

The fact that he frequently cracks jokes in interviews and that his image is frequently exploited as a meme doesn’t change the reality that he is quite attractive and endearing, though.

His admirers weren’t the only ones who felt this way. Many of his fellow actors are also susceptible to his charms. The following is a list of Tom Holland’s love interests.

Does Tom Holland date Zendaya?

Tom’s most recent relationship—possibly everyone’s favorite—is with Zendaya. It goes without saying that Zendaya and Tom had been close friends for a long time.

The rumor about them was likewise talked about everywhere. But it was a very different surprise when they finally admitted they were dating.

Tom confirmed the relationship by wishing her a happy birthday and referring to her as “my MJ.” Not bad, is it not?

Tom posted never-before-seen behind-the-scenes images from Spider-Man: Homecoming on Zendaya’s birthday in September of this year.

Have the best of birthdays, My MJ, is what he wrote for the image. Call me when you get up at xxx.

Since they frequently appeared on the red carpet for their film, Spider-Man, in 2017, there have been rumors about the two.

On July 5, 2017, the movie was released, and the couple attended every event they could.

A dependable source informed People, “They started dating while they were filming Spider-Man.”

They have taken great care to keep it secret and out of sight, but they have traveled together and made an effort to be together as much as they can.

They initially refuted the allegation, saying they were merely “best friends” and that they both preferred to keep it that way. Additionally, Zendaya refuted the story on Twitter by making jokes about it.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Biography Zoom: Tom Holland and Zendaya (Source: Google)

Tom and Zendaya: Were They Spotted Kissing in the Car?

When some paparazzi captured them kissing in a car earlier this year, they couldn’t deny it this time, even how puzzled they were at the time with all the allegations that had been made up by their fans.

Tom hasn’t necessarily remained single since the Zendaya report surfaced, though. Tom was dating Nadia Parkes, a Doctor Who actress, in 2020.

Tom even posted a captionless photo of her on her Instagram. Instead, he let people make their own assumptions and interpretations.

The same is true with Zendaya. She was dating Jacob Elordi, who played Nate in Euphoria. the archetypal evil guy who we all like.

They dated briefly, though, and rumors of Jacob’s infidelity also began to circulate.

But things started to make more sense in July of this year: the couple we’ve all been rooting for is actually dating!

We all felt moved by the image of them sharing a kiss, and we couldn’t help but wish them the best.

In addition, Tom and Zendaya had been close friends for a while and perhaps knew their partners too well. We can now enjoy them as a couple and best friends at the same time.

Were Tom and Nadia Parkes that serious when they moved in and went through quarantine together?

Tom was dating the woman he shared on Instagram, Nadia Parkes before he eventually admitted his love for Zendaya.

Let’s say you guys have been paying attention to them both. In that scenario, you’ll see that Nadia also shared a photo of herself taking a stroll through central Berlin while wearing the same clothing as she did in Tom’s post.

It suggests that they had spent some time together taking in the scenery of Berlin and getting to know one another better.

Additionally, the two frequently commented on each other’s posts, leading many people, particularly her followers, to believe that they were romantically involved.

Mutual friends—some of whom were thought to be Sophie Turner—put Tom and Nadia in touch. Nadia and Sophie are close friends.

Prior to lockdown in May 2020, there were rumors that the pair shared an apartment. It appears that they took a more serious turn, though.

The Daily Mail also corroborated the notion that they were moving in together, reporting that “things have been going fantastic between them while they were secluded together.”

Additionally, Tom has already told his friends and family about Nadia. None of them disclosed the real story.

Tom did, however, mention in his interview that he didn’t want his ex to feel awful as a result of the split rumors that the media can’t stop speculating about.

He once told Esquire, “If you were to split up with that individual, everybody would have their own thoughts as to why you broke up or whose fault it was.”

And because I’m famous and have fans all around the world, if I broke up with a poor girl, they may assume it was her fault, he said. And I wouldn’t want someone else to feel that pressure because of me.

It was a wise choice to keep in mind that Tom Holland is well-known for keeping his relationships relatively discreet.

Why did Tom avoid discussing Olivia Bolton throughout his interview?

Tom also had a secret romance with Olivia Bolton, who you might recall from Alan & Barry.

The two apparently started dating in July 2019 after being spotted out and about in London’s Hyde Park. They reportedly dated for nine months.

According to some sources, Olivia and Tom were acquaintances before becoming a couple, and even their families were acquainted.

Tom didn’t discuss the reasons their relationship didn’t work in this relationship, just like he didn’t in his previous one.

In his interviews, he also appeared to avoid any inquiries that may have prompted him to talk about Olivia.

We can presume that Tom and Olivia are no longer together because they remained close friends, and they might get along better as friends.

Was it real that Tom Holland and Ella Purnell were returning together to Tom’s hotel room or was it just a rumor?

But in 2017, Ella Purnell from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was reportedly said to be dating Tom. The two were seen getting close and leaning in at a BAFTAs after-party, which led to the rumor.

They snapped a photo of themselves together to demonstrate how adorable they were. Ella appeared chic in a long blue dress.

Tom also had a dapper and refined appearance in a black suit and bow tie. It was clear from the photo that they were rather close in real life even if it wasn’t clear whether they were an actual pair.

According to the Daily Mail, “Tom and Ella were very close inside the Weinstein party, and it was evident that he was taken by her.”

Then, according to the claims, Tom escorted her to the dance floor and requested that they dance together. He had a lot of people around him, but Tom didn’t let them divert his focus away from Ella.

Did Tom once post a lot about Elle Lotherington, his girlfriend?

Elle Lotherington, a childhood sweetheart who is well-known to us because of the film Strangers Within, is Tom’s first romantic partner with a famous person.

Tom routinely posted her photos and some of the times they had together while they were dating. Elle adopted the same behavior.

It appeared that when they were still young, they could care less about what people could think if they frequently posted about their relationship on social media.

With Tom Holland, it’s different since he developed a more private persona as he grew older. The duration and date of Elle and Tom’s relationship were unclear when they chose to end it in 2015.

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