Feds Raid Chicago’s O Block Surface in a Video

Recently, a video purportedly depicting a raid on O’Block by the government was made public. 6wetem upfreddy4 posted the video on Instagram, and DJ Akademiks reposted it.

According to Akademiks, the video’s title reads, “Feds raided my block.” Currently, we are unable to determine the veracity of the clip.

It appears that the federal government is working to eradicate gang-related activity nationwide. The 6400 block of South King Drive, also recognized as one of the most violent blocks in the nation, is home to O’Block, a Black Disciples neighborhood that was originally known as “WIIIC City.” Parkway Gardens is a Black Disciples neighborhood.

O’Block was given that name after the 2011 murder of member Odee Perry. In honor of the deceased residents of WIIIC City/O’Block, O’Block is also known as “WIIIC City,” “Toon Town,” “Keta World,” “Steroid Squad,” “Whitey Gang,” “Munna Gang,” “Stretch Gang,” “City Of Hec,” and “Get Back Gang.”

With another Black Disciple unit called “600,” O’Block has formed a clique known as “OB600.” They also joined forces with the Black Disciple sets Lamron and 400E Drive.

The Parkway Gardens neighborhood gradually began to see gang involvement in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Parkway Gardens was teeming with Mickey Cobras and Gangster Disciples at the time.

Mickey Cobras had disappeared by 1991 from Parkway Gardens, where Black Disciples had begun to settle. Black Disciples from Parkway Gardens adopted the moniker “WIIIC City” in 2000.

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