Is Michael Felton, also known as Brian Pumper, in custody on serious charges? Bail Set at More Than $2,000,000

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In 2020, Brian Pumper, also known as Michael Felton, was taken into custody on several serious accusations related to alleged female abuse.

A $2 million bail was set by the court. Among the black actors in the adult film industry, Brian is a fan favorite.

His 185 pounds of well-kept muscle made his first appearance in the pornographic industry in 2001.

Brian Pumper picture
Biography Zoom: Brian Pumper picture (Source: Google)

The multi-award-winning director Brian does well on set and shows creativity behind the scenes. He was unable to hide his passion for music, and he has even attempted rapping.

When he starred in the first pornographic movie to include Montana Fishburne, the famous actor Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, he garnered even more celebrity in 2010.

Is Michael Felton, also known as Brian Pumper, being held on serious charges?

On suspicion of abusing women, Los Angeles police detained Brian Pumper, also known as Michael Felton. At the same time, other women came forward to accuse Brian of sexually assaulting them.

Brian Pumper, who assaulted numerous women, was detained in August 2020 and is currently being held there. Adam22 posted a video of Brian getting detained by LAPD officers on August 25, 2020.

There is no set date for Brian Pumper’s release, and his next court session is set for September 20.

The adult star was well-liked by the public, and his films are also being discussed in this context, so he has also been the subject of public discussion. The entertainer with whom he worked is the target of his assault accusations.

Is the bail set at more than $2 million for Brian Pumper?

Pornographic actor Brian Pumper is still being held without posting his $2 million bail, according to numerous press sources.

For abusing many women, Pumper was detained in Los Angeles in August 2020. His arrest history indicates that he is facing significant accusations, and a $2,225,000 bond has been imposed.

Before introducing her to Brian Pumper in November 2009, Montana’s boyfriend, Jeremy (J-Pipes), is accused of forcing her into prostitution and having her arrested (her porn co-star).

Brian Pumper
Biography Zoom: Brian Pumper (Source: Google)

Although the exact accusations against Brian Pumper are unknown, bail for three of the counts was set at $75,000. A second felony accusation that came with a $2 million bail was also brought against him.

The pornographic actor, whose real name is Michael Felton, has been detained on nearly a dozen counts since that day, according to jail records.

The allegations against Brian Pumper are unknown, but three of the offenses came with a $75,000 bail, and another case came with a $2 million bail.

Mugshot And Jail Sentence For Brian Pumper: Where Is He Now?

On numerous social media platforms, people talked about Brian Pumper’s incarceration and mug photographs.

He was detained by LAPD officers on August 25, 2020; according to his records, his real identity is Michael Felton; he hasn’t been delivered because he’s awaiting a preliminary hearing for his accusations.

Brian Pumper is also accused of three counts of rape; his accusations have not yet been made public, but he has been imprisoned because, most likely, his failure to pay the fine jeopardizes his chances of getting a preliminary hearing.

Due to the justifiable allegations brought against him for his irrational and implausible wrongdoings, Brian Pumper probably certainly ended himself in prison.

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