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Is Mimi Keene’s Boob Job Plastic Surgery Real?

Currently, Mimi Keene’s boob job plastic surgery is trending online. Did Ruby Matthews, the star of S*x Education, have breast surgery? Check out Mimi Keene’s change from before to after.

When S*x Education season 3 debuted, Ruby Matthews—the infamous cruel girl of Moordale—might have startled a few viewers. We all know how much we adore Otis (Asa Butterfield), but is it fair to criticize him for occasionally acting rashly?

But when Ruby emerged from the season’s climax as one of its highlights, a funny and complex character no longer constrained by her elitism or superficial remarks, his fears were shown to be correct.

That metamorphosis is all the fault of actress Mimi Keene, one of the show’s most underappreciated performers up until this point.

Aside from her stellar performance on S*x Education Season 3, Mimi Keene is currently in the news for allegedly getting a breast job among other plastic surgery procedures. Did she undergo surgery? Let’s investigate.

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Mimi Keene’s plastic surgery included a boob job

Mimi Keene recently commented that now that Ruby’s immaculate conceit has been exposed, she is eager to find out more about her character.

Her life is currently going fairly nicely, for the most part. According to her, Otis (Asa Butterfield) encourages her character to express herself.

Ruby (Keene) was initially a humorous contrast to Maeve’s (Emma Mackey) laconic rationalism, but because of Keene’s acting prowess, she transforms into a love interest with surprising emotional depth.

By the season’s conclusion, her relationship with Otis—or rather, lack thereof—becomes one of the most tragic developments.

Mimi’s captivating portrayal of Ruby Matthews has people fascinated. Fans are interested in more than just her on-screen performance, though. Many people couldn’t help but notice her physical transformation, most notably the boob job she had as a result of plastic surgery.

Therefore, did the actress get breast implants? Although it hasn’t received any official confirmation, our specialists seem to support the fans’ suspicions. Mimi Keene does appear to have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Since it’s unlikely that the S*x Education star Ruby Matthews will address her change in appearance anytime soon, all of these rumors will for the time being just be conjecture that can neither be confirmed nor rejected.

However, despite having an obvious boob job, our Weight & Skin plastic surgery experts are very certain that she also had lip fillers and Botox.

Chinenye Ezeudu, a co-star of Keene’s, has had an astonishing weight loss change in other places.

Star S*x Education Early Life & Career of Ruby Matthews as an Actress, by Mimi Keene

Mimi Keene
Biography Zoom: Mimi Keene (Source: Google)

Mimi Keene, an actress presently residing in London, spent most of her childhood in Hertfordshire, a county located close to the north of the metropolis.

A little over a million people live in the region, which is perhaps best known for the renowned St. Albans Cathedral, which features some of the country’s most stunning architecture dating back to the 11th century—and probably constructed in the 8th century.

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Keene spent three years studying at the esteemed performing arts college in London, which has a 110-year history. Julianne Hough and Tracey Ullman are among the famous former students, in addition to Naomi Campbell and Russell Brand.

The S*x Education actress made her professional theatrical debut in the drama Kin, which takes place in a girls’ boarding school in the 1990s, in 2010.

Michael Billington, a theater critic for the Guardian, lauded the plot as one of the best arguments for public education he had ever read.

Keene played 10-year-old Janey, a kid with a surprising bullying tendency but who was delightfully Ruby-lite. Regarding how she was portrayed, Billington penned:

Unnervingly excellent performances come from Mimi Keene as Janey and Ciara Southwood as Mimi, who are overseen by Annette Badland as an observant instructor.

Keene’s fame in the public increased as she ascended the ranks of the British serial opera EastEnders. She played Cindy Williams, a role that has been played by four different actresses over 17 years since it was initially presented in 1998.

The most well-known plot featuring the character involved her becoming pregnant at the age of 14 and then being charged with murder. After all, if there weren’t any of those stereotypes, it wouldn’t be a soap opera.

Although Ruby and Keene in Netflix’s S*x Education don’t have many things in common in terms of personality, they do share a similar sense of fashion when it comes to dressing up and going out in unusual settings.

Regarding her fashion preferences, Keene claims that she enjoys dressing up and donning high heels in blatantly inappropriate situations. She continues, saying that although it’s always fun to play Ruby, this season has been extra fun because some of her outfits are incredible.

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