Jerry Savoie

Jerry Savoie, a professional motorcyclist, was born on February 23, 1959. Jerry Savoie is also referred to as an alligator farmer, livestock rancher, owner of a boat launch, pilot, and businessman.

He started racing when he was young and stopped when Jerry Savoie was 20. Before picking up the sport again at age 52, he went 32 years without riding a motorcycle.

Jerry Savoie and White Alligator Racing won the 2016 NHRA Yello Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship five years after Jerry Savoie resumed drag racing.

He won three races in 2019, including one in Indianapolis, finishing second in the Pro Stock Motorcycle final points standings, and he also powered to two runner-up finishes.

He participated in six races in 2020 and won twice in a row in Dallas. In addition, he reached the final round in 2021, came in with 11th-place points, and recorded career-best ET and speed.

Jerry Savoie
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Who Is Vonnie, Jerry Savoie’s Wife?

Like other famous people, Jerry too sought to keep his romances a secret. As a result, he rarely discusses his wife in public. Therefore, his wife and previous relationships are unknown to the general public.

He identified her by name as Vonnie in one of the stories for NBC Sports. The marriage between the pair has worked out well. Gerald was their kid, and they shared a home.

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Career exploration for Jerry Savoie

A 63-year-old motorbike racer stands 5’10” tall and weighs 150 pounds. He was created on February 23, 1959, in Louisiana, America.

He describes himself as a pilot, entrepreneur, cattle rancher, motorcycle racer, and cowboy. His interests include flying high, ranching deer, and hunting deer. He also enjoys taking trips from one location to another.

Jerry Savoie started racing again in 2011, finished second at the historic Indianapolis race, became a rookie in the Countdown playoffs, and came in eighth in the standings.

He qualified for nine events on a condensed schedule in 2012. Similar to this, he finished second at the Las Vegas 2 race in 2013 and had four quarterfinal finishes.

He qualified for his first career No. 1 spot at Sonoma in 2014. For the second time in his career, he qualified for the Countdown playoffs in 2015.

He achieved career highs in time and speed at Dallas the same year. On his journey to his first world championship in 2016, he raced to two triumphs and four runner-up finishes.

In both 2017 and 2018, he was eligible for the Countdown Playoffs once again. He achieved victory at the Charlotte NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals in 2018.

Jerry Savoie
Biography Zoom: Jerry Savoie (Source: Google)

Is Jerry Savoie & Angelle Sampey Married?

There is a myth that Jerry Savoie, a professional motorcycle rider, was Angelle Sampey’s husband.

Angelle Sampey competed in racing under the married names Angelle Selling and Angelle Savoie, according to Wikipedia. They never once discussed their relationship.

By competing under the surname Savoie, Angelle led the public to believe that she was Jerry Savoie’s wife.

The general public also thinks they were dating back when she was competing in motorcycle races.

American Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer Angelle Sampey was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 7, 1970.

With 41 career victories, she is regarded as the most successful female in the history of professional motorsports.

She obtained the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championship (2000-2002) from her 1996 debut.

Additionally, she holds the record for the most female victories in NHRA racing and professional motorsports with 42 event triumphs and 45 top qualifier accolades.

She has been married twice and divorced; she is currently married to Seth Drago, a fellow Louisianan, under the condition that she will become a mother shortly after their union.

Together, the couple now had two daughters. Angelle Sampey is a professional motorcycle racer who has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

She is regarded as one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time and is frequently referred to as the American rider. She has enough money to live a fulfilling life.

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