Isaiah Stannard

Isaiah Stannard’s gender identity and professional career in more detail

American actor Isaiah Stannard (commonly known as Izzy Stannard) gained notoriety for his portrayal of Ben Marks on the NBC sensation Good Girls.

As a voice actor for cartoons, Stannard began his professional career. Additionally, he provided subtitles for international TV series and movies, such as Young Carl Sagan in Star Stuff.

Later, Isaiah was cast in small roles in movies like Party Dress and Brad’s Status.

Brad’s Status included Stannard as well as Jenna Fischer, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, and Michael Sheen. After being offered the part of Ben in Good Girls, he experienced success.

This essay will examine Isaiah’s gender identity and professional life. Isaiah uses the pronouns he and him and identifies as trans.

Isaiah Stannard
Biography Zoom: Isaiah Stannard (Source: Instagram)

After discovering Isaiah Stannard’s transgender identity, Good Girls creator Jenna Bans modified the plot for Ben Marks

Ben was the son for whom the character of Annie’s kid was initially cast, but the showrunners subsequently accepted applications from children of all genders.

Jenna Bans, the show’s creator, was unaware that Isaiah was trans when she chose him for the part.

After discovering Isaiah’s gender identification, Jenna changed the plot of Ben Marks to fit the tale of a trans kid.

Bans recognized an opportunity to convey the tale of a transgender character without having it take center stage.

The authors of the show extensively collaborated with GLAAD, an American media watchdog organized by the LGBTQ+ community, to ensure that they accurately portrayed Ben’s experience.

Ben comes out in the television series after the birth of his younger sibling. “Yay, it’s a boy!” Annie shouts following the boy’s birth.

Marks pauses before responding, “So am I,” still going by Sadie at the moment. Then Annie gives Ben a tight hug and declares, “I always wanted a boy.” It was one of the series’ most heartfelt moments.

Jenna informed Variety. Both Ben’s coming out moment and Annie’s quick and unshakable support of his choice was crucial.

According to Jenna, “The relationship between Sadie and her mother is actually what’s most crucial to the character and the story we are portraying between Sadie and Annie,” she told Variety.

Ben’s dad and Annie’s ex-husband, regrettably, disregarded Ben’s trans disclosure.

He advised Annie to get Ben into treatment. She doesn’t need counseling; she’s just figuring herself out, Annie countered.

Ben kept the name Annie in season 2, but in season 3 he changed it to Marks. Marks’ dad is unwilling to assist Annie in her urgent attempts to raise money for Ben’s hormone therapy despite his own financial security.

Isaiah Stannard in Good Girl
Biography Zoom: Isaiah Stannard in Good Girl (Source: Instagram)

The mother and spouse of Isaiah embraced and encouraged his orientation

Isaiah’s mother Kristin Johansen and lover Warren Marsh played a significant role in helping him come to terms with and feel confident about his sexual orientation.

Kristin and Warren promoted genuineness by fostering a welcoming environment. Prior to coming out as trans, Stannard came out as gay. According to Kristin,

“I think some people were saying, ‘Maybe he’s going to be trans, maybe he’s going to be this or that,’ because we live in such a liberal climate.

I was simply saying, “Hey, let’s let Isaiah tell us,” constantly. I appreciated that you simply told me when you came.

Kristin was informed by Isaiah, “You saw me for who I was.” “I always felt that my family was there for me, and just by being more open with them about who I am, it has only improved our relationship.”

Stannard continued, “Thanks to my parents, I can express myself in whatever way.” He used the persona played by Hunter Schafer in Euphoria as the ideal illustration of unfettered expression.

It’s fantastic and beautiful that you’re trans, but it’s also okay to express other aspects of who you are, Kristin added.

Being more feminine today and still feeling secure and at ease with who I am as a trans man is almost freeing, Isaiah continued.

Taylor’s friend Kristin said she’ll support anything that makes her feel more vibrant, genuine, and content.

Before getting his big break in Good Girls, Stannard had trouble getting roles

On October 1, 2004, Isaiah Stannard was born in New York City. At the Professional Performing Arts School, he received voice and dance training.

Isaiah had a lot of skills and did well in school, but he had trouble getting big roles.

Before the casting directors of Good Girls saw his promise and gave him his big break, he had to make do with supporting roles.

He advised aspiring actors not to quit up in an interview that aired on The Dev Show in December 2020:

“I just want to encourage others to keep trying because I think it’s incredibly simple to get discouraged, especially if you’re auditioning a lot.

Before I actually got anything, I tried out for many years. Being like, “I’m simply horrible or they don’t like me,” is so simple. There are a lot of factors at play, so try not to take it personally.

Stannard admitted that he enjoys acting but is unsure if it is something he will pursue in the future.

I genuinely enjoy acting, but I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life,” he admitted.

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