Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

As news of Michelle and Jim Bob’s most recent parenting decision spread, they began to receive additional criticism from followers.

When Josh was having his “problems,” they previously put him in the same behavioral camp that Jackson is in now. Air Land Resource Emergency Team is the meaning behind the camp’s name, ALERT.

Recently, Jackson was featured in a group picture on the ALERT Instagram page.

A finely crafted combination of Christian discipleship, community service, and career training that you won’t find anywhere else on the earth is what ALERT’s program offers, according to its website.

The Duggars have sent several sons to this camp who have suffered with “struggles,” according to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, who wrote about the behavioral camp.

She also mentioned the challenging training circumstances the school’s cadets go through. She stated, “I was told by a graduate that cadets aren’t allowed to communicate for the first two weeks.

According to Katie, “cadets are required to undergo severe training in order to improve their spirituality and overcome [these] challenges.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Biography Zoom: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (Source: Google)

The Duggar family honored Jason and James’ high school and ALERT Academy graduations back in July.

“Their perseverance in education, acquiring trades and practical skills, and finishing the ALERT program are all tremendous accomplishments,” Michelle wrote in the post’s caption.

We adore you two and cannot wait to hear about your future plans. Many followers are wishing that Jackson Duggar’s participation at the camp is voluntary rather than imposed as a punishment.

Distractify was informed by a former family friend that Josh had been taken to ALERT-type behavior camps at least three times.

They didn’t discuss it when they were younger. The truth is that it was generally kept under wraps the entire time, and certain people were aware of it.

When questioned at the time about Josh’s whereabouts, the Duggars also provided evasive responses. Josh Duggar is currently in jail and could spend up to 20 years in prison after attending the program.

Josh was found guilty of two felonies related to child pornography in December 2021. While waiting for his sentence, the former reality star’s wife and children remain close to the Duggars.

Josh Duggar has already been cleared of all charges in a move Josh’s attorneys have already filed to reverse the conviction.

His defense attorneys contend that in relation to a potential witness, the prosecution “failed to timely disclose substantial exculpatory information.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Biography Zoom: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (Source: Google)

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