Jamie Hector

Who is Jamie Hector?

Jamie Hector an American actor, of Haitian ancestry, is famous for his role as drug lord Marlo Stanfield in the HBO series The Wire. Jamie Hector plays Detective Jerry Edgar on Amazon’s Bosch.

What happened to cause the scar on Jamie Hector’s face?

Sadly, this is a question we cannot answer because it involves a mystery. Jamie has been tight-lipped regarding the circumstances behind the appearance of his scar. He claims that this technique is his signature and that it aids in evoking feelings. But he never talks about it in any depth.

Jamie Hector: Bio and Age

His birthday is October 7, 1975, making Jamie Hector 47 years old. He attended school and grew up in the New York borough of Brooklyn. His Haitian ancestry made him an outcast in some circles but benefited him professionally in the film industry. Even as a young boy, acting was something he was deeply interested in.

After finishing his required high school coursework, he immediately began auditioning for plays. James booked some gigs throughout his college years, which caught the eye of major producers and even labels.

Quick facts about Jamie Hector

Profession: actors
Date of Birth:  October 07, 1975
Years:  Four. Five
Heritage: 2 million
Place of birth: 
Brooklyn, New York
Height (m): 1.82
Religion:  Christendom
Marital status:  Single

Jamie Hector: Career

Jamie Hector
Biography Zoom: Jamie Hector (Source: Google)

Jamie’s acting career got rolling in 1997. His first two years were formative, especially since they coincided with his debut on the hit TV series New York Undercover. Later that year, he had a little part in He Got Game.

But that’s not all he’s done; he’s also acted in films. He had the lead role in Jim Jarmusch’s critically acclaimed film Ghost Dog. Subsequent roles were more supporting, such as in Central Park Jog, Paid in Full, and The Day the Ponies Come Back. His early work includes episodes of “The Beat,” “Law & Order,” and “Third Watch.”

Jamie Hector’s Success in Life

Jamie’s early roles were vital to his career development. That added to his resume and practical experience. As a result of playing so many different characters, he decided to hone his acting talents and become more versatile. His emotions and facial expressions were also well-coordinated and under his control. He sought instruction at New York City’s Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

One of his greatest accomplishments was his appearance in The Wire, a television series that aired from 2004 to 2008. With 32 guest appearances, he was a mainstay of the show. Also, he portrayed Marlo Stanfield, the head of a drug-lording enterprise.

Thanks in large part to Marlo’s tenacity and ideals, this narcotics organization ascended to the top of the Baltimore trade in a relatively short amount of time. He acted in character, and his performance was lauded. He accomplished a fantastic job and is now considered one of the top 40 TV villains of all time.

Relationship status of Jamie Hector?

The details of Jamie’s private life are mostly unknown to the public, however, we do know that he is married to a woman named Jennifer Amelia. In 2005, they tied the knot. Their first kid was born in 2009, but a tragic event led to Amelia becoming pregnant and ultimately damaged their relationship.

Jamie and his wife were celebrating the birth of their first child at a party when an unknown assailant barged in and began firing shots. The police said 50 rounds were fired, and they later located at least 46 spent cartridge casings on the ground. Numerous partygoers were injured and impacted. Linton Williams, a 17-year-old youth, was killed in this incident. Hector and his wife made it out of this crisis unscathed.

Even more impressive, Jamie and his wife welcomed a daughter, and Jamie’s wife often updates her Instagram with pictures of their little bundle of joy.

Net worth and Social Media presence

Jamie is always posting to her various social media accounts. As of this writing, he has amassed over 50,000 Instagram followers. However, according to family norms, they rarely post photos of their daughter on social media platforms. Jamie’s wife is the only person who has access to her personal Instagram account. Aside from that, they appear to be a contented family unit.

Jamie is the founder of several non-profit organizations in addition to his film endeavors. Training and advising aspiring actors is the focus of this organization. The group offers a variety of dance, vocal, and theatrical classes.

What Jamie is worth monetarily remains a secret. However, because he started his profession at a young age, he has several promising projects in the pipeline and is currently worth around $2 million.

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