Denise Milani

People are drawn to the 2007 Miss Bikini World winner in a particular way. But with a life-like Denise Milani’s, someone is going to be the subject of disputes.

Despite several rumors that she underwent plastic surgery for breast augmentation, the Czech fitness model maintains her body simply grew unnaturally in her teens. She wanted to be a physical therapist, but because of that, she decided to become a model instead.

After relocating from her native Frdek-Mstek to Prague and later Los Angeles, Denise Milani began working as an online model for brands like “Sports by Brooks” and “Pin Up Glam.” She’s gained a sizable fan base since then, but she was also involved in a horrible drug case.

Does she keep her life private?

She wants to keep her personal life especially private and not disclose anything to the public because of this, in part. When she was charged with participating in a hoax with British scientist Paul Frampton in 2013, she was already known to have a child and be living with a spouse in Los Angeles.

The kid, Jacoby, was reportedly 12 years old at the time, but the husband’s identity was unknown. Cross-referencing reveals that he is currently 19 years old.

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Who is she married to?

Denise was allegedly born Denise Trlica and married to a Czech carpenter named Jerry Trlica. She was born on April 24, 1976, and according to several records, her birth name was Denise Krajickova Trlica. When she was 20 and living in Prague, she later changed her last name from Milani due to a relationship (see more below).

However, according to legal documents, she was wed to Jerry Trlica, a Czech carpenter. He founded JLT Restoration, an antique furniture restoration business, in 1980 and has owned it ever since. He is 63 years old (born in 1956).

There is also evidence that the two married when Denise was just 19 years old and that he was the one who helped her gain entry and establishes herself in the US. Currently, they reside in Glendora, California.

Who claims the two are separated, which is consistent with reports that have been for a while. Additionally, she claimed to be “focused on my education and job. I am taking business classes and completing my certification in fitness “when questioned.

Did Jerry Trlica and his wife, Denise Milani divorce?

She did obtain the accreditation from Equinox and launch her website, Denise Milani Lifestyle, which is reportedly offline after having been online for almost eight years. She frequently shares her fitness plans on social media.

She may have wed Jerry around 1995, given birth to their son in 2000, and separated from him prior to 2010. However, Denise’s purported birth name drives everything insane. That’s not all, though.

Denise Milani
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Denise Milani is she bisexual? Her Former “Wife” Has Meaning

If there was any hard evidence or if she had ever made any comments on film or on her social media sites, we would have learned for sure whether the 43-year-old was seeing anyone. Unfortunately, all we have are reports.

Her relationship with Kara Milani, while she was living in Prague, raises some questions. The Milani last name fits with that.

She allegedly started dating Kara, the daughter of Czech crime lord Deandre Milani, when she was 20 years old and working odd jobs. They purportedly got married after first becoming friends, then a partner, and she legally changed her identity to “Denise Milani.”

There are no indications that Kara and her boyfriend have split up or are even still together. She did, however, relocate to LA after the reported wedding, where she might have run into Jerry.

Is she dating others now?

She appears to be single right now and is still pursuing her modeling and fitness careers. Her Instagram account depicts a joyful existence filled with a lot of affection for her dog, Lukita. However, neither a son nor a husband nor a wife is indicated.

Further research reveals that Denise Jacobi is her birth name and that she also uses the aliases or other names Denise Milani, Denisa Milani, Denise Trlica, and Denisa Krajková. There is a probability that both accounts are accurate and the chronological records are just incorrect.

Since even her Instagram account appears to not be verified, everything is so strange. Whatever the case, it is acceptable to maintain one’s privacy, and there is no need to follow her around to find out what she is up to. Respect.

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