Joe Kenda

Who is Joe Kenda?- Biography

Joe Kenda is a former detective lieutenant with the Colorado Springs Police Department. Joe Kenda is also featured in Investigation Discovery’s television program Homicide Hunter.

Joe Kenda: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Joe Kenda was created on August 28, 1946, in Herminie, Pennsylvania, as Joseph Patrick Kenda. He is currently 75 years old. His grandpa, uncle, and father were all coal miners, as were almost all of the other male family members. His grandfather passed away in a mine in 1933. In a similar vein, he had no desire to work in a coal mine like his father. He did well in school and loved reading mystery fiction.

On his first trip to the zoo, he noticed a sign that read, “Around this corner is the most dangerous animal on Earth.” He saw a complete reflection of himself when he looked in that way. According to the sign, humans are the most damaging species on the planet. Likewise, after completing her high school education at “Greensburg Central Catholic High School” in 1964, she enrolled in “The University of Pittsburgh.” After graduating with a BA in political science, he continued his education by enrolling at “Ohio State University” to study international relations. He attended a “secret briefing by the Central Intelligence Agency” there (CIA).

He was unaffected by that, nevertheless, and made the decision to give up his ambitions to work in foreign services. He joined the trucking business his father had started himself. He ultimately made the decision to join the police. He even moved to Colorado Springs with his wife and kids. He began working at “CSPD” in 1973.

Quick Facts of Joe Kenda

Full Name: Joe Kenda
Gender: Male
Born Date: August 28, 1946
Age: 76 Years
Children: two
Net Worth: $4 million
Relationship Status: Married
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 72 kg

Joe Kenda: Profession, Career

After serving as a police officer for four years, Joe Kenda received a promotion. In the burglary division, where he started his employment, he rapidly resolved his first case. He was consequently elevated to the homicide squad.

He worked with the homicide unit for the following 19 years, cracking a record number of cases. 356 of the 387 cases given to him were resolved.

Because of the dangers of his job and the constant threat to his life, his wife encouraged him to quit the homicide section. On the other side, he stayed to continue working with the group. One of the cases that helped him become well-known across the nation was a murder case he solved in 1990. Dianne Hood’s tragic death at a lupus support group was the subject of a complicated tale. He thought it was a case worthy of a Hollywood movie. Several media sites picked up the story once he solved the case. Even the national media turned their attention to him.

He has similarly come close to passing away several times. He once assisted in the murder of a girl by strangulation committed by her lover. A spring-loaded door had sealed him in with the murderer, face to face. He avoided the murderer’s knife thanks to his foresight, but the attack was almost fatal. He was consistently cool and composed at work. He earned the moniker “The Ice Man” as a result.

He experienced a withdrawal period after leaving the police force and missed his job a lot. In 1998, he started driving school buses for a living. Similarly, he continued working there for ten years before leaving to seek a career in television. Much of Patrick Bryant’s childhood was spent in Colorado Springs, where he worked as a television editor for a station. There, he learned of Joe Kenda’s bravery while serving as the ‘Major Crimes Unit’s commander. Patrick made the decision to reveal his bravery to the public when he created his own crime investigation program.

He went up to Joe in 2008 and presented the concept for the “Homicide Hunter” series. Joe first objected, but he ultimately decided to take the role. They produced a five-minute reel and submitted it to different television networks. In 2010, “Investigation Discovery” bought it.

In 2011, the program debuted on American television. It has since grown to be one of the most-watched programs on the network. Ten of his best instances were chosen by him and Patrick for the show’s first season. He was also interviewed for the show regarding the instances. A live performance of the same was presented alongside it. The younger Joe was portrayed by actor and former deputy sheriff Carl Marino.

However, the show’s unexpected global success helped him establish a strong reputation as a former valiant homicide investigator. Its eighth season is now airing.

Relationship Status of Joe Kenda?

In terms of his marital status, Joe Kenda wed Mary Kathleen “Kathy” Mohler on December 26, 1967, the same day they started dating in high school. Dan, a former commander in the United States Navy, and Kris, a retired major in the United States Air Force, are the couple’s two children. On the Homicide Hunter episode wedded to the Job, which aired on February 6, 2019, and in the series finale’s End, which aired on January 29, 2020, the entire family made an appearance. As of now, there have been no rumors of a couple separating.

What is Joe Kenda’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

He also leads a respectable life and makes a respectable living. He is thought to have a $4 million net worth.

Joe Kenda: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

In terms of physique measures, Joe is 72 inches tall and weighs roughly 450 pounds. He stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall. However, we don’t have any other details regarding his physical characteristics.

Social Media Presence

Joe Kenda doesn’t post as frequently on social media. He makes use of Twitter, which has 65.7k subscribers. Regarding his social media networks, we don’t have any additional information. He seems to be quite discreet about his life.

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