John Lee Bottom

Who is John Lee Bottom?- Biography

John Lee Bottom, sometimes known as John Phoenix, was born in 1947. John Lee Bottom’s birth year and day have not yet been made public. As the father of the late actor, singer, and Oscar-winning actor River Phoenix, John Lee Bottom rose to fame.

The Children of God is a religious organization founded by John Lee Bottom and his lovely wife.

John Lee Bottom: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Robert Merrill Bottom and Beulah Ingram welcomed John Lee Bottom into the world in 1947 in the United States of America. He was born and raised in a city in the United States, and he rose to fame as the father of River and Joaquin Phoenix.

Despite the fact that not much about him has been made public, it is obvious that he was an intelligent guy given that he raised his renowned son. Nevertheless, it’s thought he completed high school.

John Lee Bottom's family
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Quick Facts of John Lee Bottom

Full Name: John Lee Bottom
Date of Birth: 1947
Place of Birth: United States
Nationality: American
Parents: Robert Merrill Bottom and Beulah Ingram
Occupation: Celebrity Father
Net Worth: $50 million
Wife/Spouse: Arlyn Phoenix
Sons: Joaquin Phoenix & River Phoenix

John Lee Bottom: Profession, Career

Although nothing is known about John Lee Bottom’s professional background, he was a well-known celebrity father who derived his notoriety through his kids.

Along with his brother, Joaquin Phoenix’s late son River Phoenix, an Oscar-winning actor and singer, made his acting start in early 1980s television productions.

He rose to prominence after appearing in the 1986 movies Parenthood and SpaceCamp (1989).

In the cinema and entertainment industries, he plays numerous roles. He reclaimed his birth name in the early 1990s and received praise for his supporting appearances in the comedy To Die For (1995). (1993).

Relationship Status of John Lee Bottom

He was a father and a husband. In a union, he was with Arlyn Phoenix. California is where the couple first met and where their relationship started.

They were married on September 13, 1969. Following their nuptials, they embarked on a missionary journey, sharing “The Children of God” with people in Mexico, South America, and other American states.

His oldest child was named Rain Phoenix. We all know this person as River Phoenix. Jude Phoenix was a musician and actor. He used to sing and dance on the road for money with his younger siblings. John got his start in the arts when he was young.

In numerous movies and television programs, such as Stand by Me, Working in Empty, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Family Ties, and many others, he has made appearances.

Around one in the morning on October 31, 1993, he was shot to death outside the nightclub “The Viper Room” when he was about 23 years old.

According to information, he had played at that membership that evening when he was killed by unidentified shooters.

He couldn’t withstand the assault. Others think that his drug abuse may have also contributed to his passing for some undetermined reason.

At the time of the event at the club, his sister Rain, brother Joaquin, and fiancé were all present.

Until their divorce in 2015, John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix were wed for 27 years. Nobody knows why they split up, but it was thought that their marriage was full of life and could go any way.

After her 2001 divorce from John Lee Bottom, Arlyn Phoenix wed Jeffrey Weisberg. On the other side, after their divorce, John Lee Bottom passed away after contracting cancer as a result of his illness. It was unknown if he had a girlfriend at the time of his death.

Following the divorce from his wife, John Lee Bottom received a cancer diagnosis. He struggled with the illness until the year 2015 when he finally passed away. At the age of 68, he passed away.

His death was attributed to cancer, according to speculation.

What is John Lee Bottom Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

Although the celebrity’s father John Lee Bottom net worth is unknown, his son Joaquin Phoenix is thought to be worth $50 million.

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