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Joie Chavis is criticized by Yasmine Lopez for interfering with Trevon Diggs

Trevon Diggs, the father of Yasmine Lopez’s child, and the actress haven’t had a nice relationship in a while. Joie Chavis frequently calls him out for being a deadbeat father.

She is currently being pulled by her friend Joie Chavis, who is offering her support but mistreating her baby’s father behind her back.

Recently, Yasmine attacked Joie Chavis and revealed her alleged liaison with Trevon Diggs. When Joie sent a message with love emoticons, Yasmine was immediately upset and called her out.

Joie Chavis
Biography Zoom: Joie Chavis (Source: Instagram)

You strange a**, lol. In the photos of my friend, but for my baby daddy Weirdo,” wrote Yasmine Lopez.

The Neighborhood Talk, an Instagram site, later published a screenshot of a discussion in which Yasmine was reportedly supporting Joie’s business while Joie was apparently becoming more at ease with her baby daddy.

Yasmine criticized Trevon Diggs last month for being a neglectful father.

She claims that Diggs has only spent a total of fewer than 30 minutes with his soon-to-be one-year-old twice.

He is attempting to obtain joint custody of their son, Yasmine further stated.

“He does absolutely nothing for my son. My child is about to be 1 and he has only seen his father twice for less than 30 minutes.

At the end of the day, it isn’t even about money. I much rather he is in his child’s life and be an active father but if he doesn’t that’s on him.”

“My son is loved unconditionally and doesn’t want or need anything. The man asks to see me more than his own son and has the nerve to take me to court for JOINT custody.

What a joke! My son doesn’t even know him! When he sees his father he literally screams!”

Trevon Diggs
Biography Zoom: Trevon Diggs (Source: Instagram)

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