Kevin Hodge: Bio, Age, Career, Relationship, Height, Net Worth

Kevin Hodge

Who is Kevin Hodge?- Biography

Kevin Hodge is a gifted American YouTube star and exercise expert. Kevin Hodge and his twin Keith are well known for being very busy on social media.

Kevin Hodge: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Kevin Hodge, who was born on September 17, 1975, is now 46 years old. He is a native of Virginia and a Virgo by birth. Speaking of his family, he has three brothers, one of whom is Keith Hodge, his identical twin. Other than this, his parents and other brothers are not mentioned at all. Additionally, it is known that the Hodge siblings lived in poverty as children.

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Quick Facts of Kevin Hodge

Full Name: Kevin Hodge
Gender: Male
Born Date: September 17, 1975
Age: 47 Years
Sibling: Three
Net Worth: $2.5 million
Relationship Status: Married
Nationality: American
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 93

Kevin Hodge: Profession, Career

In his line of work, Kevin Hodge is a well-known exercise expert. He also co-founded TwinMuscleWorkout and the hugely popular “TwinMuscle” YouTube program. The Hodge brothers’ joint YouTube channel currently has over 2.35 million subscribers as of the time this biography was written.

Speaking of the outset, in 2008, he and his twin uploaded their first YouTube video. This channel used to be a humorous current events commentary feed.

The earliest video on this channel, as of the time this biography was being written, is Natural Bodybuilder Killer Chest Tricep Workout to get RIPPED FAST!!! @hodgetwins. More than 244k people have viewed it since it was uploaded in September 2010.

EXTREME SPICY CHEESE RAMEN NOODLE CHALLENGE | MUKBANG @hodgetwins, with over 18 million views since its posting in October 2017, is the most-watched video on this channel.

Hot Takis & KFC’s® Nashville Hot Chicken Ghetto Challenge @hodgetwins, 10,000 Calorie Food Challenge @hodgetwins, and Takis Challenge @Hodgetwins are the other videos on this channel with more than 4 million views each, with 4.9 million, 4.1 million, and 4.1 million views, respectively.

This character has made appearances on YouTube as well as in the 2014 comedy The Last of the Great Romantics, where he played himself. He has also expanded his commercial interests using his YouTube fame.

Some of them include apparel lines and supplements for working out. He has additionally appeared as a speaker on Morning Express with Robin Meade. He and his twin joined the Marine Corps before achieving all of the renown.

The twins had more than 500,000 YouTube followers by the year 2013. In addition, the twins used their social media fame to collect money for their cousins’ shot children’s medical costs.

Relationship Status of Kevin Hodge?

Kevin Hodge is a happily married man. He hasn’t revealed many details about his fiancée, though. He and Keith have each been wed to their spouses for more than 15 years. After spending 17 years in Los Angeles, Kevin now resides in Las Vegas with his family.

In addition, despite being married, he maintains his personal life private. Despite this, when he and Keith are filming videos, their wives will periodically call to “check up” on their husbands, which adds to the comedy.

The Hodge twins felt the same way about their spouses caring for their families while they were on comedy tours.

Happy Father’s Day to our wives for having to be the dad and mom while we are touring on the road, the twins wrote in the caption of a picture of their wives they shared on Facebook in June 2017. I adore you.

What is Kevin Hodge’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

For business matters, we can also get in touch with him and his twin at [email protected]. Moving on, his estimated net worth in US currency is $2.5 million.

Kevin Hodge: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Kevin Hodge weighs roughly 93 kg and stands tall at a height of approximately 6 feet 3 inches, or 190.5 centimeters. Hodge’s chest, waist, and biceps measure 43, 33, and 19 inches, accordingly. Hodge also has medium brown hair and blue eyes. Like his sibling, Hodge also typically maintains a beard.

Social Media Presence

Regarding his online activity on social media, Kevin Hodge doesn’t have any personal accounts. He does, however, collaborate with his brother Keith on his social media platforms. Since its inception in January 2009, its Twitter handle @hodgetwins has gained over 1 million followers.

Their combined Instagram account @hodgetwins has more than 2.5 million followers. Similar to this, their Facebook page “The Hodgetwins” has accumulated over 6.2 million fans.

In September 2010, the brothers launched their “Hodge Twins” YouTube channel. This channel has more than 2.35 million followers and 550 million views as of September 2022.

The brothers also run two additional YouTube channels called “askhodgetwins” and “Conservative Twins.” With over 356.9 million views and 1.5 million members, the former was established in April 2012. Similar to the former, the latter has received 278.3 million views and over 2.07 million members since its launch in October 2018.

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