Kolby Kulhanek’s narrative: According to his family, he was murdered

Kolby Kulhanek

Susan Kulhanek, the mother of Kolby Kulhanek, is committed to pursuing justice for her murdered son. Videos demanding justice for Kolby Kulhanek have received over 5 million views as a result of her advocacy on TikTok.

Susan believes Kolby was killed sometime in October 2018 before deputies found his body close to a dirt pit.

Some of Kulhanek’s fondest recollections, including images of his time with his daughter Jazmine Kulhanek, are depicted on his headstone.

Due to his father and grandfather teaching him the trade, Kolby was an expert welder.

He was a cherished resident of Lumberton who passed away under tragic and enigmatical circumstances. This is his tale.

Some days after Kolby vanished, his car was discovered

The relatives of Kolby Kulhanek last saw him on October 12, 2018. Kolby washed his blue Audi in the yard, according to his brother, when they last spoke.

The fact that Kulhanek didn’t come home that evening didn’t worry his family because they thought Kolby had stayed the night at a friend’s house.

However, when he didn’t return their calls, suspicions regarding his location arose.

Investigators in Harden County initially had no suspicion of criminal activity. His family praised him as a kind individual and expressed concern about his safety.

Kolby’s brothers told 12News that he is an amazing young man. “He was constantly cracking jokes. We love and miss you and want you to come back home. The worst, I think. I really hope he’s out there.”

Many days after Kolby vanished, his car was found. His mother reported that one of his shoes and his keys were discovered about 100 yards distant.

Kevin Kulhanek, Kolby’s brother, said, “The placement of the items that’s been recovered, it doesn’t make sense.” “We just don’t know if it’s intentional or if he’s gone missing.”

Kolby Kulhanek
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Initial reports indicated that Kolby had likely drowned to death

The 25-year-old was sought after by Texas Equusearch, a search and rescue agency that had participated in thousands of missing person missions.

Locals helped in the search efforts as well, covering the huge search area with ATVs, boats, and drones.

Having everyone’s support is a huge blessing for us, Kevin told 12News. It’s amazing how our friends, family, and neighbors have come to help us.

Richard Gollihare, a volunteer, said he assisted because he would want others to do the same if a loved one went missing.

Richard stated, “I have a 12-year-old son and I’d want people to come out and help too if it were my son or family member.” I figured I could at least help on foot because I don’t have a boat or an ATV, so it’s the least I can do.

On October 23, 2018, 11 days after his missing, Kolby’s body was discovered by a County Sheriff’s Department helicopter.

The plane, which was flown by a family friend, is depicted on Kolby’s tombstone. Kolby’s father urged everyone to remember his family in their prayers.

Kolby’s sinuses contained liquid fluids, which could indicate drowning, Hardin County Justice of the Peace Charles Brewer told KFDM.

Brewer claimed Kolby’s body had no obvious wounds and that Kulhanek had spent roughly a week in the water based on his decomposition.

According to sources received by The Beaumont Enterprise, the cause of death will be made public ‘pending toxicology and police investigations,’ which are estimated to take six to eight weeks.

Hardin County Sheriff’s Maj. Dennis Allen told The Beaumont Enterprise that the death was “questionable” and that the investigation into it was ongoing.

The inquiry is still underway, and we still have a lot to do. We are following where the facts take us.

According to reports, Kulhanek’s family engaged a private investigation agency to look into Kolby’s passing

Even with the assistance of a private investigation agency, the investigation into Kolby’s death hasn’t advanced much since 2018.

A Facebook post called Corruption in Hardin County, Texas claimed that the Kulhaneks had hired a private investigation company in November 2018.

The post stated, “The family of Kolby Kulhanek is not backing down from discovering the truth behind Kolby’s death.” They employed a private detective agency. We hope that anyone with information will come forward to assist the family.

The PI firm’s reliability and effectiveness were questioned in the same post, which stated: “We are skeptical of the investigation firm they hired because the owner of that firm, we are told, had previously been reported for lying and/or deceiving a grieving mother when her daughter was murdered in Hardin County.”

The Kulhanek family will probably continue to battle for justice because they believe Kolby was murdered.

Kyle Copeland, a Facebook user, declared he would look everywhere for Kolby’s killer

After Kolby’s death was reported, Facebook user Kyle Copeland vowed to do everything it took to bring his friend justice.

Kyle, also known as “Adolf,” declared that he would “come with a vengeance for my brother.” ’ Kyle continued, “I’m knocking on doors until I discover answers.

Kyle then commented that he had duct-taped two persons who were traveling to Kountze. Kyle wrote, “Won’t be long and I shall have some answers.”

The comment implied that Kyle would subject the two prisoners he had duct-taped and brought to Kountze to torture.

Kyle then made a comment that seemed to imply that he would kill the person guilty of Kolby’s death in order to exact revenge.

Copeland’s posts were collated and annotated in Corruption in Hardin County, Texas. Kyle responded by saying that his love for Kolby drove him to potentially dangerous levels.

It’s unclear whether Kyle duct-taped people and broke down doors to track down Kolby’s claimed killer or whether the threats were only made to get attention on social media.

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